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    Conditions of participation in the auction by buying selling game valuables

    To participate in the auction of game valuables necessary validation of the owner of the property, so the exposed item is withdrawn from the owner for a period of an auction, the administration cheking them, and if the game values really belong claimed owner at the end of trading transferred to a new owner, eliminating fraud. Below is a brief outline of the auction:

    Items seller:

    • By adding the lot at the auction, you must fully describe its value and properties. This directly affects the rate of addition of your lot to the stack, which is available to users, as well as speed up the process of buying your item by other users;
    • List of items that are available for trading limited * (read spoiler "Restrictions on trading");
    • Lot with game value for sale withdrawn by the Administration for a period of trading;
    • Administration verified ownership of these values gaming applicant lot;
    • The owner of the lot is paid, the buyer receives the item game values, the guarantor shall withdraw 50% of the value of the lot for the transaction.

    Direct contact between the seller and the buyer are not possible, so that users do not have a desire to break the rules.

    Buyer slot values:

    • Selects the item;
    • Stakes;
    • Watching their lot for the growth rate raises, if necessary;
    • By the end of trading gets a lot.
    Jan 21, 2016
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