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    Restrictions on trading

    • The auction is limited in the time frame, is the start of trading lots, there is time the auction lot;
    • Limiting the number of lots put up at the same time (not more 3 lots from one account at the same time);
    • A limited list of items offered for sale values:
      - These limits are designed to prevent cluttering up the auction items that do not convey the true value in the game world (for example, goods from Donate shop, the prices of which are written by relatively balanced game world), but improved products, for example overenchant things that really carry some play value and can have an impact in the game world will be available for trading in full;
      - Support center has complete statistics on the financial machinations of our community, and based on the statistics worked out the principles on which the estimated real economic situation in the game world, our team sees and understands that in reality the interests of our users;
      - So, these limits are designed for ease customers the goods they need;
      - To maintain a healthy game economy.
    • Minimum rate (below which the lot can not be shown):
      - Support Centre receives an endless stream of complaints and suggestions from our users with examples of scams, which are possible without the lows in interest rates, without which users are going through the verification of the owner of game values dropped to their items at low prices for quick disposal of items not legitimate;
      - Minimum bid you a professional farmer of our users have a stable income from their gaming activities;
      - The minimum rate will maintain a healthy competition among all of our users, whether professional Farmer, or solo players who have mastered the skill of trading is really important game values.
      - Starting price can not be equal to or greater than the buy price.
    WARNING! A prerequisite for issuing Lot: subject to auction, should not be in-game store or should be enchanted higher than 4 points

    To protect against issuing stolen or recovered / enchanted with errors playing things, all things are tested lawfulness.
    Mandatory conditions to be placed on the lot is to find a character more than five days. Offer may be issued only with the main character. Lots exhibited with twinks, as well as the characters below 40 lvl will be immediately rejected.
    Jan 21, 2016
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