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    Respawn time bosses in game worlds Interlude

    I think many players sometimes ask us about official Raid Boss respawn. There are different opinions on different forums. That's why some time ago we decided to open original NCSOFT files and look respawn time according to NCSOFT formulas ( these files are cripted. It's rather hard to open them but we did it)

    So, official information about Epic Bosses respawn is:

    Raid Boss:

    Eilhalder Von Hellmann: every night in game ( random time )
    Ember, Soul of Water Ashutar, Soul of Fire Nastron, Plague Golem, Flamestone Giant, Queen Shyeed, Uruka: 12hour +(0-24hour)
    Others: 12hour +(0-12hour)

    Epic Bosses:

    • Queen Ant: 24hour +/-4hour
    • Core: 36hour +/-4hour
    • Orfen: 36hour +/-4hour
    • Zaken: 48hour +/-2hour
    • Frintezza: 48hour +(0-2hour)
    • Baium: 120hour +(0-8hour)
    • Antharas: 192hour +(0-8hour)
    • Valakas: 264hour

    1) 24hour +/-4hour - it means that minimum respawn time 20 hours, maximum - 28 hours. Boss can respawn at any time from 20 to 28 hours after hes previously death
    2) 48hour +(0-2hour) - it means that minimum respawn time is 48 hours but there can be random time 2 hours, so, maximum resp time is 50 hours (48h -> 50h)
    3) Frintezza: 48hour +(0-2hour) - Frintezza always has random respawn according to NCSoft files but sometimes this random time is too long (it can be even 24 hours) that's why on our server we've made static random time 2 hours, it mean that Frintezza can respawn at any time from 48 hours to 50 hours
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    Mar 13, 2016
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