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    Premium rune (Interlude)

    Premium rune is more comfortable system of premium account!

    Activation and effect

    After purchasing, the rune will arrive in your quest inventory and automatically activates (you can check it with special command .rune)
    This rune has effect only for some period of time (look description), after this time it will disappear.

    Существует два типа рун:

    • Premium Rune— Rune times expires even if your char is offline. Rune bonus - 50%. For additional bonus you can buy online rune.
      Premium Rune increases: Adena, Drop, SealStone, Exp, SP, Spoil (+50%).

    • Online Rune — This rune gives additional effect to premium rune (it stacks with premium rune). At same time you can use only 1 online rune. Rune times expires even if your char is offline.
      Online Rune increases: Adena, Drop, SealStone, Exp, SP, Spoil (+50%).

      You bought premium rune for 28 days but want to get more bonus. In this case you should buy online rune. Result : you will get 50% from premium rune + 50% from online rune and in general it will be 100% bonus to Adena, Drop, SealStone, Exp, SP, Spoil.

    Rune effect for player and party

    These runes bonus has effects only solo players (but not party):
    Exp + SP\Spoil


    Solo\Party effect + party bonus:
    *Level difference must be less than 20 levels.
    **Party bonus = general sum of bonuses / number of members in party

    About chat command .rune
    You can always check your bonus and rune activity by command .rune
    This command provides detailed statictics of your rune

    About chat command.timeleft
    You can check rune time left by the command .timeleft

    Also you can see the rune time when you enter the game (in system chat before announces):
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