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    What is the Auction and how it works?

    In Account Manager you can put your item for sale, or buy your favorite item from another player. Everything happens fast and convenient!
    Purchase and transfer of real money is automatic, which is 100% excludes any type of fraud!

    Only 50%* commission for the transaction

    Upon the sale of the lot, is transferred to your account 50% of the amount you received. Only 50% for the service of the auction!

    Why should use the services of the auction?

    • You unnecessary to seek a buyer, for the nomination of the lot out for 2-3 minutes.
    • No risk to be blocked for violation of the User Agreement! Only fair play and good income!
    • Easy and convenient purchasing a lot.
    • Ability to provide better trading price of the product!
    • No cheats and dishonest sellers, the auction held in the automatic mode, which provides 100% reliable transaction.

    Get in your favorite game, spend time not only with pleasure, but with material profit!

    Conditions of participation in the auction by buying selling game valuables

    To participate in the auction of game valuables necessary validation of the owner of the property, so the exposed item is withdrawn from the owner for a period of an auction, the administration cheking them, and if the game values really belong claimed owner at the end of trading transferred to a new owner, eliminating fraud. Below is a brief outline of the auction:

    Items seller:

    • By adding the lot at the auction, you must fully describe its value and properties. This directly affects the rate of addition of your lot to the stack, which is available to users, as well as speed up the process of buying your item by other users;
    • List of items that are available for trading limited * (read spoiler "Restrictions on trading");
    • Lot with game value for sale withdrawn by the Administration for a period of trading;
    • Administration verified ownership of these values gaming applicant lot;
    • The owner of the lot is paid, the buyer receives the item game values, the guarantor shall withdraw 50% of the value of the lot for the transaction.

    Direct contact between the seller and the buyer are not possible, so that users do not have a desire to break the rules.

    Buyer slot values:

    • Selects the item;
    • Stakes;
    • Watching their lot for the growth rate raises, if necessary;
    • By the end of trading gets a lot.

    Restrictions on trading

    • The auction is limited in the time frame, is the start of trading lots, there is time the auction lot;
    • Limiting the number of lots put up at the same time (not more 3 lots from one account at the same time);
    • A limited list of items offered for sale values:
      - These limits are designed to prevent cluttering up the auction items that do not convey the true value in the game world (for example, goods from Donate shop, the prices of which are written by relatively balanced game world), but improved products, for example overenchant things that really carry some play value and can have an impact in the game world will be available for trading in full;
      - Support center has complete statistics on the financial machinations of our community, and based on the statistics worked out the principles on which the estimated real economic situation in the game world, our team sees and understands that in reality the interests of our users;
      - So, these limits are designed for ease customers the goods they need;
      - To maintain a healthy game economy.
    • Minimum rate (below which the lot can not be shown):
      - Support Centre receives an endless stream of complaints and suggestions from our users with examples of scams, which are possible without the lows in interest rates, without which users are going through the verification of the owner of game values dropped to their items at low prices for quick disposal of items not legitimate;
      - Minimum bid you a professional farmer of our users have a stable income from their gaming activities;
      - The minimum rate will maintain a healthy competition among all of our users, whether professional Farmer, or solo players who have mastered the skill of trading is really important game values.
      - Starting price can not be equal to or greater than the buy price.
    WARNING! A prerequisite for issuing Lot: subject to auction, should not be in-game store or should be enchanted higher than 4 points

    To protect against issuing stolen or recovered / enchanted with errors playing things, all things are tested lawfulness.
    Mandatory conditions to be placed on the lot is to find a character more than five days. Offer may be issued only with the main character. Lots exhibited with twinks, as well as the characters below 40 lvl will be immediately rejected.

    How to buy Item

    1. Select Auction - All - Find a necessary item.
    Here You can see all the items, that are selling on selected Server.


    2. To Buy an item you have to click on "Buy" button near the item, that you want to buy.


    3. New window will appear. In there you have to choose an account and a character which you want to get the item that you bought.
    Confirm with your PIN-CODE.


    If you have forgotten your PIN-CODE, you can restore it in your settings.


    4. After purchase, you will get the item to the chosen character (sometimes it will be necessary to restart a game to see the item)

    Note that you buy items for TODs from your master account (not in game TODs).

    How to Sell Your Item


    1. In the Auction section select Add item
    2. Choose your account
    3. Choose your character
    4. Choose your item
    5. In here you can choose Package Sale in order to sell full Set for example in one auction, and choose your price.
    6. Agree with service terms
    7. Confirm with your PIN-CODE
    8. Submit you order

    Wait for the moderator approval. Query processing time for the chosen items: 1-7 days.
    The item will be on the auction until someone will buy it.

    How to Transfer Auction ToD to real money

    If you want transfer your Auction ToD to real money you have to apply Support Centre

    After selling your active lots, you can continue to use the auction currency, participating in other trades, or trade it in Tears of Devotion without commission. You can order the payment only sold you lots. (With payment withdrawn 50% for the service of the auction)


    Exchange transactions or payment Auction Currency committed in the Account Manager by creating applications in Support Center:

    Payments are made within 72 hours of receipt of the application from the user.
    With payment withdrawn 50% of the cost of the lot for the services of the auction.
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