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    Mage exp floor

    3rd Floor (Archmage, Mystic Muse, Storm Screamer, Soultaker) - Monsters with weakness to elemental attacks. Mobs have weakness to all the elemental attacks and are strong vs dark attacks. Necro exping very slow there. ---------- I will use this thread to ask about balance in PvP, also 1v1...
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    Questions regarding talents

    Hi! @Kazama Can new active skills be enchanted? And how many times? 15/30? 2nd tree, 2nd tier Improved Vampiric Does it work on magic skills also? 3rd tree, 3rd tier Blunt Protection Doest it work vs Mage who uses Arcana Mace as its weapon? (Does it work vs magic damage?) And suggestion...
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    Suggestion Exchange resours and craft animal bone steel cokes <<<!!!

    I thought I'm on google translate website :D Visit Blacksmith's shop, Head blacksmith where you augment your weapon and dialogue: Craft an item. There you have all mats crafted instantly for a fair price!
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    PI farm

    @Kazama please answer, will the server be exactly like the previous one or it will stay like this until merge? Best pvps were on PI.... really miss it :(
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    PI farm

    Hello, the new server will not be like the old one? (Genesis) Things like PI farm (bogs, ls, full S drops etc.. ) and Hellbound farming zone added later? I really enjoyed old server and I thought this will be the same because you wrote that they will merge later. All players liked farming on...
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    Suggestion New People Dex at its finest :) THANKS! :)
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    Suggestion New People

    Hello! Best way to attract new people is to open new server with same rates or higher and then after 3-4 week merge with existing one. Not only it will bring new but old players too :) Yes it's possible but don't know if it's achievable in short period of time. Just a suggestion what came up my...
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    Pvp items

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    Feed in Oly

    It is so in every server man.. get used to it. Olympiad games are not what they should be and it sucks but it's part of the clan strategy for hero skills.
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    Suggestion: Mats recipes

    I have seen it on few craft servers, I bet you can even find those files at some source at the internet, just need to implement them... my fingers hurt already :)
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    Suggestion: Mats recipes

    Its no big deal man.. they should be available for some adenas like standard recipes. Its for better(faster) gameplay, not individual advantage.
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    Suggestion: Mats recipes

    Suggestion: Add costumed recipes x10 output. (and 10x more mana usage?) For example: CBP Recipe x10 - from 100x Animal Bones spawn 10x CBP Leather Recipe x10 - from 60x Animal Skin spawn 10x Leathers .... ... Could be only for most basic mats like these or every mats ingame... Greetings
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    S Grade keys/full item drops

    Hello GM, hello everyone, I thnik its absurd to have PI mobs or any mobs drop key or full item S grade weaps, armors... its interlude and S grade is best grade so it means items (keys, recs etc..) can be either spoiled or obtained by quest.. nobody gonna fight in varka/ketra.. spoiler lose rolle...



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