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    Question Problem cant turn on game

    OK problem solved , nativirus block choose servers >.<" now right up corner working
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    Question Problem cant turn on game

    now cant find old updater for union old server :/
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    Question Problem cant turn on game

    ok THX hmmm Antivirus say ( wirus detected on luncher from L2 dex website.... instaled and cant log on my account its on new server luncher ... chant choose union only new server interlude you can choose luncher
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    Question Problem cant turn on game

    cant click on antyching i restarted many times lancher and still nothing i see 1-3sec loading red bars movien and nothing, all buttons are grey
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    Wiki Changes in drop on Labyrinth of Abyss

    i think they want make pvp faster ...
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    Question Duall / bots

    how to make 9 boxes ? i need premium ? or buy somthing ?
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    Question Duall / bots

    I want ask about dual and bots politics... I hate BOTS partys running evrywhere ... will you ban them ? (PLS BAN THEM or DELETE CHARS) Duall or more games on avaiable ? asking because i back to L2 ... last time i play on Dragon Network Shadow x15 (^^,) ( Hooligans Clan ) loong time ago ....



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