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  1. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Clan RespeCt Side.

    normally ZeusR :sovremennie-smayli-45:
  2. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Question Costumes

    yea i understand , but you saw what admin said?? they think about disable options "using" cloack , maybe players get more fps :)
  3. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Question Costumes

    and later: "fcking server, fcking admin , lagggssss, shit server, lagggsss on baium"
  4. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Party stop party

    @N0Lif3 normalnie Wojtuś widzę, grane będzie :sovremennie-smayli-45::sovremennie-smayli-45::sovremennie-smayli-45:
  5. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Party Royalty Constant Party

    Good lock Promusta ;)
  6. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Clan LostFighters

    gl :)
  7. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Party [The Alcoholics]

    Gl you too <3
  8. Tazo / Alcoholic

    Party [The Alcoholics]

    We will be there too. Contact: Forum , Discoard: Tazo#1831



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