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    Suggestion Oly farm

    Perfect solution for atleast short time :) limit Oly with a must of 15 talent points, if it helps, then later spread it to 20 points and so on, ofc all sub classes points should be counted also. but its easier to say then to make :)
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    Event Forbidden Knowledge. Start March 9 - end March 23

    smart cubic also totaly useless, you had to put some dmg, like you did for all classes... shield of faith also 10% wowwwww, classes getting 30 sec buffs for 25-30% increased dmg, and you giving 10% pdef mdef for 15 sec, WOW.... delete this event, hard to watch. or just don't let this nosense to...
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    Event Forbidden Knowledge. Start March 9 - end March 23

    Reading all skills, biggest upset for shillien templar... why you hate it so much, totaly BS, no magic reflect (same to Elf tank) and litteraly 5sec paralize???? half of classes got skills with OP dmg and stuns for 9+sec...On tanks you fucked up shilliens templar so hard, and it will work in...
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    Server restart March 2. Changelist

    vov, full changes only for HB, HB farmers qqued ;) sad.
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    Maybe 5x new server Mr. L2Dex?

    Maybe 5x new server Mr. L2Dex?



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