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    Nanna 75x Nanna Patch 2016-02-18

    Nanna Patch

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      19 FEB at 19:00 (UTC +2) will take place, our open beta to our server, Nanna x75

      On the beta server, fully implemented the concept of a server. The beta will be available until March 4, after that, we will wipe the server and will be sent for preparetion to the start. In time of beta, it's possible to encounter frequent server restarts for the affixing of fixes and changes.

      - Read the description of the server

      Features of open testing:
      • All characters on account get 2ккк SP + 2ккк Аdena + 10k TOD
      • The first character on the account will have level 80
      • Special NPCs are installed for OBT, NPCs can sell any equipment, raise the level, give the Subclass and Nobless
      Everything you need to access the server: