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  1. Kazama

    Guide Talent Tree system

    New skills for last Tier of Talent Tree Duelist [Power] Maximum Sonic Focus - Immediately increases spiritual energy to its maximum level. [Mastery] Sonic Mastery lv.8 - Up to 8 stage of energy can be absorbed [Protection] Weapon Blockade - For 5 seconds, disarms the enemy and prevents him...
  2. Kazama

    Important Moving on new webpanel. Changing site design.

    Dear Dexters! Today (June 15) we plan change site design and moving on new webpanel. All you access, discounts will be saved. You can enter with same data on webpanel. We plan to start moving work after 13:00 (UTC +2) If all be ok, we finish all works in 2h. Site will be unavailable on this...
  3. Kazama

    Problem with Rim Kamaloka - Hall of Nightmares (70-80)

    Tomorrow will be server restarts on both servers. Will be refreshed kamas
  4. Kazama

    Problem with Rim Kamaloka - Hall of Nightmares (70-80)

    We have problems with Kama. Today after restart must work.
  5. Kazama

    Не подключается к серверу

    Отпиши мне в дискорде в пм Join the Discord Server!
  6. Kazama

    Event Gifts to all NEW players and Clans!

    I send you pin code in PM here on forum
  7. Kazama

    Event Gifts to all NEW players and Clans!

    Hi, check you email. It must be on reg email. If still actual you can pm me on discord. I check
  8. Kazama

    Event Gifts to all NEW players and Clans!

    Pm me on Discord. Join the Discord Server!
  9. Kazama

    Event Gifts to all NEW players and Clans!

    All new characters from May 29 will get: 20 lvl on start D gr gear box (full D gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsD/ssD C gr gear box (full C gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsC/ssC B gr gear box (full B gr sets, weapons jewerly) + bspsB/ssB 100 Mana Potions x3 Certificate for free S gr shadow...
  10. Kazama

    Box of devotion issue

    No problem, we refund one box. Contact with me on discord
  11. Kazama

    Event Special offer to Streamers!

    Если ты сделал все как указано в первом посте, отписал Джему. Он тебе дал код.
  12. Kazama

    не могу взять саб на спойлера

    Добрый, попробуйте сейчас взять. Должно быть все в порядке
  13. Kazama

    rim kamaloka

    1 visit from GAME account. Where u have certificate
  14. Kazama

    Question Hi there! How can I send items from char to char in the same account?

    Hi, freight disabled. And yes, you need sub for mailing. And personal items you cant trasnfer anyway. (from starter packs) Events now not active
  15. Kazama

    Server restart May 21. Changelist

    Will be, but later
  16. Kazama

    Server restart May 21. Changelist

    will be on
  17. Kazama

    Server restart May 21. Changelist

    Server restart 09:00 (UTC +3) Duration 15-30 min Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help. You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on our discord channel Changelist: Zaken moved respawn to May 22 (so Frinteza and Zaken will be in different days) From...
  18. Kazama

    Sa 12 / rim kamaloka

    From Friday will be SA 12 and we open Kama
  19. Kazama

    Important Server successfully start! Great online, Join!

    Dear fiends! Congratulations to all with successful opening! It's really amazing! We have some problems with website yesterday on opening, and we are sorry for this, looks like our opening pay attention on some not good ppl :) and they try to break our start. But we have very good team, that...
  20. Kazama

    Why there is no buff-profiles?

    No, its personal item



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