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  1. JokeJR

    Totem of Valor & Totem of Wisdom

    yea its true , its hard to make is solo and i agree with u also , maybe u should find a group of people / clan who can at least help u some with that thing
  2. JokeJR

    Totem of Valor & Totem of Wisdom

    no point , example of adding an alliance ketra varka in shop to buy.. the whole essence is lost from years it was about clan controlling stuff like that and by solo players it was about lucky if u will reach 5 lvl ally or not same it was about epics and many things in my opinion its totally...
  3. JokeJR

    Buff Slots Limitation Issues

    if it would be created +12 slots more it would be like next Russian High Rate server with 30 slots , i think isn't point of this server idea and community aspects what they like. and completely deviating from the core of the interlude i think more probably on this server would be add improvement...
  4. JokeJR

    Buff Slots Limitation Issues

    Second thing is that part of selfbuff dont take a '' slot '' if i good rememeber and also nobl too , i think more smarter guys shouldn't have problem to handle 20+4 on most of chars. So Most of chars are still not playable on mass pvp so probably u talk more about PVE than core pvp gameplay. In...
  5. JokeJR

    RespeCt Side.

    Good Good , 2 weeks left and Ibazz Feel this )))
  6. JokeJR

    Party BelowAverage

  7. JokeJR

    Party #SyndiCate

    Lets gooo Malaka ! HOLA OLA
  8. JokeJR

    RespeCt Side.

  9. JokeJR

    Party AVG on Road

    Welcome and lets go !
  10. JokeJR


    Lets go !
  11. JokeJR

    Party The Notorious TeaM

    Let's Go Malaka ! <3
  12. JokeJR

    RespeCt Side.

    mad ibazz )
  13. JokeJR

    RespeCt Side.

    thx bro !
  14. JokeJR

    RespeCt Side.

    why so aggresive ) 30 october
  15. JokeJR

    RespeCt Side.

  16. JokeJR

    RespeCt Side.

    RespeCt Side. Recruiting Full organised cp who can play long time 9/12 Contact : Skype : live:b32fef77c26454eb Facebook : Увійти у Facebook Discord : JokeJR#3511 Vk : Jakub Stefański | VK
  17. JokeJR

    InterludeRejects - summer season.

    if he said true , i gave like, what's the problem ?
  18. JokeJR

    Important Full server Description Interlude x50

    they didn't gave any specific about that things so 99% stay like 1+1 , always u can try it on beta , because already is alive



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