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  1. Kazama

    Alguém pode me ajudar como realizar uma denuncia?

    Chat banned for 300m Btw, you have /block command in game. use it for ppl who u dont wnat to speak.
  2. Kazama

    How to create a Royal Guard?

    I recheck, and this is how work on our server: On 8 clan lvl, not all skills work for all members, some of skills work only for CL and Heroes if you have it On 9 clan lvl, skills work for all clan members You can get clan items for hellbound coins on HB.
  3. Kazama

    How to create a Royal Guard?

    Dont remember, mb you must be nobless to all skills work for you
  4. Kazama

    clan skill

    Hi, it must work for all members. Contact with me on discord, we will check your clan
  5. Kazama

    How to create a Royal Guard?

    Hi, no. You dont need it on our server, you have 100 ppl max in clan, and clan skills work for all members
  6. Kazama

    question on EE classes, PP bish and CUBE quest

    We not plan any changes on these classes. Here you can find full roadmap about the current season - Roadmap for the Winter season 2022-2023 (stages) - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude
  7. Kazama

    Client updater error

    Hi, what plagin? Try run game from system/l2.exe And better join our discord to get support fast and on live chat - Join the Discord Server!
  8. Kazama

    question on EE classes, PP bish and CUBE quest

    This is support classes.. You need find, a party for good exping and open Talents. About CUBE quest, it disabled on our server.
  9. Kazama


  10. Kazama

    Box of Treasure

    Its just a random
  11. Kazama

    Guide How work Cycle macros

    The game has the ability to run cyclic macros. To do this, you need to bring the macro to the quick access panel and right-click on it. After that, an iridescent highlight will appear on the macro icon, this will mean that the cyclic macro is activated. There are several restrictions on the use...
  12. Kazama

    when i log my character disconects me and showing me this

    SRL on discord right ? Already speaking with u, I see same screen )
  13. Kazama

    Important Start TODAY November 5 at 19:00 (UTC+2) MUST READ TOPIC

    We remind you that the opening will take place today, on October 30 at: 19:00 (UTC+2) - server time Check current server time(UTC +2) Countdown Clock On 16:00 (UTC +2) We allow you login to create character! Dear friends, this topic important! So please take time to read it. First we...
  14. Kazama


    Same like with all another card. Choose any method u like and make donation. G2a or payu Or Paypal. You can pm me on discord
  15. Kazama

    Questions about skills

    How I remember this skill not exist on Interlude, and appear after Gracia. I recommend you visit Beta server and test all you need before opening
  16. Kazama

    Event Special offer to Streamers!

    Dear friends! We are introducing a Loyalty Program for streamers who show the in-game world situation. As a L2Dex streamer you will get the gifts listed below every week: Premium Account scroll - 7 days Modern Buff Book 7 days Conditions for streamers: Your stream must contain L2Dex in...
  17. Kazama


    Hi, try this to fix such error cod If not help, contact with me on our discord - Join the Discord Server!
  18. Kazama

    Game Clients Classic Game Client - torrent - Classic Game Client - torrent

    Classic Game Client - torrent
  19. Kazama

    Game Clients Classic Game Client - torrent - Classic Game Client 31-10-2022

    Classic Game Client 31-10-2022
  20. Kazama

    OPEN BETA Start - November 1 19:00 (UTC+2)

    Dear friends, November 1 at 19:00 (UTC +2) will be available access for our test server. UTC+2 - exact time now - During beta test will be available OBT Manager (NPC Eva) in Giran with all necessary items for test. We run 7signs in 3h cycle. So you can register and test it. We strongly...



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