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  1. Kazama


    No, its not allowed, soon will be merging with seasonal server. And we check all logs, and ppl who use something illegal will get autoban
  2. Kazama

    Teh Official OMG WTF thread.

    Nobody use forum novadays, all in discord last mb 2-3 years. Its very active and populated ) With active chats So, join Join the Discord Server!
  3. Kazama

    Event Christmas Event

  4. Kazama

    Event Master Yogi (December 4 - December 18 0:00)

    Event start: December 4 - after server restart 9:00 (UTC +2) Event items drops until: December 18 at 0:00. NPC will disappear: December 18 at 09:00. Try your luck with enchanting Staff of Master Yogi! (chances like for usual physical weapon) Depend on enchant lvl you get, you can exchange staff...
  5. Kazama

    Event Lucky Pots (20.11 - 03.12)

    Leprechauns have lost their Lucky Pots around the world, great wealth is hidden in them! Unfortunately these Pots are affected by a magic seal of Leprechauns, not many creatures know the secret how to unseal. Fortunately Satyr Skirtos spent a lot of time in the Leprechaun's Company, and staled...
  6. Kazama

    Guide Anticheat error

    Alerady speak with you in discord
  7. Kazama

    Halloween on Seasonal server (23.10 - 05.11)

    Event starts from October 23 till 5 November. Event NPC disappear at 23:59 November 5th. After event end, all event items will be deleted. During the event period, NPC Skooldie will gladly try jack game with you. He will give you everything you need for it! Jack O'Lantern Mask and Scroll...
  8. Kazama

    Fix error on launcher!!

    Was some problem on start first 10 mins. Now must be all ok
  9. Kazama


    Only on web panel
  10. Kazama

    Start TODAY October 14 at 19:00 (UTC+3) MUST READ TOPIC

    We remind you that the opening will take place today, on October 14 at: 19:00 (UTC+3) - server time Check current server time(UTC +3) Countdown Clock On 17:00 (UTC +3) We allow you login to create character! Dear friends, this topic important! So please take time to read it. First we want...
  11. Kazama


    no limits
  12. Kazama

    Game Clients Classic Game Client - torrent - 09/10/2023

  13. Kazama

    ToDs for Hero - Beta Oly Event October 13 19:00 (UTC+3)

    Dear friends! October 13 we start Event for Olympiad games on Open Beta server Start Olympiad games in 19:00 (UTC +3) October 13 Fights will be till 23:40, then we get Heroes (after 00:00) All who get Hero status, will receive 500 ToDs. Best 5 Hero, who will get the most PTS, will get 800 ToDs...
  14. Kazama

    OPEN BETA Start - October 10 19:00 (UTC+3)

    Dear friends, October 10 at 19:00 (UTC +3) will be available access for our test server. UTC+3 - exact time now - During beta test will be available OBT Manager (NPC Eva) in Giran with all necessary items for test. We run 7signs in 3h cycle. So you can register and test it. We strongly...
  15. Kazama

    Event +15% Extra ToDs for all donations(01.10 - 14.10). Starter Packs + GIVEAWAY!

    Dear players, From October 1 until the Grand Opening on October 14 you will get FREE 15% bonus TODs to your orders! In this thread we will show what is Starter Packs and how to get them on our new server Interlude x30. On the website in your account, you can buy a starter set. There are 3 of...
  16. Kazama

    Important Join Discord! Most players communicate and recruite there!

    Hello everyone and new ppl on Dex project! We are keeping the forum open as a tribute to the good old days. We highly recommend joining our discord server. In 2023, almost no one uses the forum anymore. All communication and recruiting takes place on discord in real time chats. join - Join the...
  17. Kazama

    Name prefix "s7_" added

    Hi, you get prefix s7_ becouse after mege this name was busy. Here all info about merge September 9 - Merging Union and Summer season server! - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude You can login on web panel and change your name, its free for characters with prefix
  18. Kazama

    September 9 - Merging Union and Summer season server!

    Dear friends! As usual and as we promised before, we made seasonal which will be merged with our main Union server in the future. The time has come! This is a very important topic, here we will explain all the RULES of merging. Please read it carefully in order to prepare properly and don't lose...
  19. Kazama

    October 14 - Autumn season Interlude x30

    Opening October 14 at 19:00 (UTC +3) Open Beta Test from October 10 This is pre-announcing of autumn season server, so we want to share some key points of it. (Full details with road map we announce a bit latter) Main features Modern Classic client (less lags, smoother gameplay). Episodes...



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