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  1. Kazama

    Important Gracia Evolution Big Update - February 11

    Yes, location will be like on GF. About items, we will think if we have time to make it
  2. Kazama

    Important Gracia Evolution Big Update - February 11

    Added new changes in first topic: Downgraded following locations to the Gracia Final state: Mithril Mines Den of Evil Fields of Whispers Fields of Silence Added ALT+B database with the following sections: News Monsters Items SA
  3. Kazama

    Important Gracia Evolution Big Update - February 11

    Dear friends! We are currently preparing a Big Update on Gracia Evolution x15 Server restart: February 11 16:00 (UTC +2) After server restart: Added Epic Boss Freya Entrance from lvl 80 Re-spawn time 48 hours from the moment of entry Added a quest chain associated with Freya. (from High...
  4. Kazama

    11.01 Server restart, Changelogs, start new Event!

    Server restart postponed to January 11
  5. Kazama

    Event Invasion on Giran Harbor

    No, no =) You just have a "Chance" to get Zaken, but this chance near 5%.. Same like for weapon near 5% chance to get one random Dynasty weapon. You will see exactly chances on drop list in game. We will think how rise reward for other ppl who dont kill RB, but participate, if have sugestion...
  6. Kazama

    Event Invasion on Giran Harbor

    Dear friends! New Year Event Comes to an End. And the tradition is right after the completion of the old event, we launch a new one ;) Invasion on Giran Harbor - this is a daily PVE event in which all players can take part, and all participants will receive their reward! Every day at 22:00...
  7. Kazama

    Feels Bad to say this !

    Hard to understand you :) but I try.. About what epic u say? We don't make any changes on drop mechanics, work like on official servers 100% and like work 4 months before from server opening. If you want to speak directly with me or Ziva, pm in game or in discord. Closed.
  8. Kazama

    11.01 Server restart, Changelogs, start new Event!

    Server restarts at 16:00 (UTC +2) January 11 Duration up to 30min After server restart: More items for newbie! Starting from 05.01 B gr gear box, from Jan 10 you will get 3 days XP Rune and 3 days Buff Certificate. Don't miss it! Invite your friends! Price for A gr in Luxury Shop has been...
  9. Kazama

    Question Why am I banned on Discord?

    Contact with me on skype - kazamadex
  10. Kazama

    Event Team vs Team

    Changes on Team vs Team Event TvT takes place at the following hours: 21:00; 23:00; 02:00 New location Registration cost: 100k adena Victory reward: 2k Oly Tokens, 50 Great CP, 100% Vitality Potion Loser reward: 1k Oly Tokens, 50 Small CP, 25% Vitality Potion To register, you need type in...
  11. Kazama

    A few suggestions.

    1. About pack agree, and we speak in discord I think about this. D and C +6 good idea 2. You mean info before you buy? Becouse if you about weapon, they have "180 mana" and this mana use only when you wear weapon 3. Why not? We have a plan, make some dayly RBs for whole server. Will be...
  12. Kazama

    Event New Year on Gracia Evolution x15

    Dear friends! 2019 is coming to the end :) Our team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, we also want to wish you that the incoming year will bring you only pleasure, both in real life and within our beloved world of Lineage 2. And on the occasion of the upcoming holidays we want to...
  13. Kazama

    Update December 18. Start NY Event!

    Dear friends! New Year holidays are coming! We have prepared for you some interesting changes on the server, and prepare New Year Event! Server restart December 18, 16:00 (UTC +2) Restart duration 15-25 min! Changes after restart: Changes on TvT, new Winter location, new good reward for...
  14. Kazama

    Active BD\SWS

    Hello, better ask in our discord chat, on forum not so much ppl
  15. Kazama

    Event Team vs Team

    Agree, we will make better protection on spawn
  16. Kazama

    Event Team vs Team

    ATTENTION: After next server restart (December 11) we will change time when TvT start, reward, and registration method!
  17. Kazama

    Event Team vs Team

    Dear Friends! Last week we launched Team vs Team event in Beta mode. We did all the necessary checks, and now we are ready to run the event on a regular basis. TvT takes place at the following hours: 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00 Registration cost: 100k adena Victory reward: 25% Vitality...



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