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    #Loyalty Group AQ+Baium PvP

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    #LoyaltyGroup Respect Side

    MASSACRE in Frintezza & Antharas
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    #Loyalty Group AQ+Tezza PvP 5 sec sides

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    #Loyalty Group First PvP

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    Party KamikazePenguins Cp

    soft resskill comming again? :D
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    Clan StayHome

    good luck noobs.. but here u cant make zerg how centos ;)
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    Party #Loyalty Grouup

    be rdy ;) :cool:
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    Party NeverGiveUp CP

    recruit me pls
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    Party #Loyalty Grouup

    We comming again :cool: Latin Party ;)
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    Loyalty Group Baium PvP phgp side

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    Loyalty Group First pvp

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    Party Loyalty Group

    Up Reclutando 3/4 player de habla hispana con login en tiempo europeo pm me
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    Party Loyalty Group

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    Party Manifesto

    Good luck my friendssss
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    Party Loyalty Group

    Reclutamiento on para 2 players con time europeo..
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    Party [The Alcoholics]

    Gl. Bros
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    Party Loyalty Group

    Thx gl too bro
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    Party Loyalty Group

    Thx bro gl too
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    Party Loyalty Group

    We come again here Best Server :cool: LF Strong Side.. contact forum or skype franstyle.jimenez Last Fraps old fraps from all nanna 2014 2015 2017
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    Party #Loyalty Group




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