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  1. Jersey

    drunkLizards tribute. 2021 [Winter Season]

    Hello, Dex boys. There’s our drunkLizards tribute of Lineage 2 Dex. L2Dex was the most decent project that we played in entire 2020-21, With new clans, different gameplay, parties, friends and enemies. We had alot of fun every day playing this season, did alot of new friends and ofc alot of...
  2. Jersey

    drunkLizards team. SEXY SERVER - Antharas 01.02

  3. Jersey

    drunkLizards team. 1st and 2nd day. l 1st Queen Ant l Daily Battles.

    Hello, dogs. there’s some fights from 1st day and 2nd. Gf & wp. cya next epics
  4. Jersey

    Party drunkLizards team.

    Hello russians dogs. We are going to join this project. ARCHER PACK 9/9. RECRUITMENT OFFLINE. DROP YOURS MESSAGE VIA INBOX WITH OFFERS ABOUT SIDE. CYA IN GAME. Discord: Jersey#5995 Skype: jmmarciio Facebook page: DrunkLizards Clan | Facebook



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