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    MightyTeam side [ Tig3r]

    Mighty Team Comming also for the New server Since the Last Server was quite fun Making people losing buffs and Losing Against us Whole parties just with 1 bp and 6 archers But Sad Part is that this Time we dont come as Archer party Also Anorther good news is that we're Looking for Good...
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    MightyTeam [Side] Recuirting CP's and some single players to compelete some cps

    As the tittle say's -MightyTeam
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    Party MightyTeam

    Looking For EU players for morning sheets and Evening sheets DD/CC/SUP -MightyTeam
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    Mighty Team [Side]

    Decided to Make a side since i dont see any decent side arround. Drop me a msg with a video review those cps that will be interested joining us. Thank you -Mighty Team



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