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Event L2Dex Siege Movie!


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Oct 26, 2015
Dear friends!

We are very happy to see soo many talented moviemakers on L2Dex
Now you have a great opportunity to show your ability to edit a movie and grab some good prizes for your work!


Today (11th of March) on the server Insolance x4 will take place the second siege, many clans have announced arrival for this event, so the evening promises to be hot!
There should be enough good qualited materials for a winning video.


Rules of the competition:
  1. The video should be filmed on today's siege (11th of March)
  2. The video should be uploaded to YouTube and posted in this thread
  3. The title of the video must include the words Lineage2Dex.com Classic x4
  4. The administration will evaluate all videos in terms of the quality, mass pvp / pve, music
  5. The winners of the competition will be choosen by the Administration

  • The author of the best work will receive 1 month Premium Account for two characters + 2 x XP Rune for 7 days
  • The administration reserves the right to issue more main prizes, if there are more videos worth the 1st prize.
  • The other participants will receive incentive prizes such as: 2 Scrolls XP / SP +20% for 60min

Your video will also be published in our Facebook page

Works are accepted in this topic until March 16th. The winners will be announced on March 17th

We wish all off you a huge fun on the siege and good luck in the contest!
We are waiting for your video!


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