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Guide Lineage Classic vs Lineage


Jan 4, 2018
That's mostly for people that have no idea what classic is, you will find more info if you play it, just have a taste from that.
1-20 lvl is the same as it was, after that lvling going harder (being 59 lvl in classic is like you're 75 lvl in ordinary Lineage). XP Curve Chart official numbers x1.
Having the most lvl makes you much stronger to your enemies while in classic, lvl = everything, even equip. You will notice that debuffs got 100% land rate, well it's not 100% it's 89-92% for most of debuffs land rate, there are options to avoid debuffs later/in olympiad (Range lvl of debuffs is 5 lvl difference, max 6).
If you start playing now, ofc you gonna be a newbie, but imagine classic like that, if you play chronicles like gracia final or interlude or whatever and join a server that people got ready noblesse and 3 subs, here is the same if find people 75+ cause there are no subs/noblesse in classic. So all you got is your main char and you should focus on it, it's a chronicle that needs to be a hardcore player and ofc join with a party or find one, solo players got really hard time here vs organized enemies.
Droplist is a bit different than ordinary Lineage.
Classic 2.0 patch (Saviors) is like c3-c4 but with the best graphics you can find in lineage and some new skills/changed skills.
Some mobs and all bosses are boosted, let's take Karte raid boss, ordinary Lineage = 232k HP / Classic lineage = 1.25kk HP.

If someone wanna add some more just be free, that could be cool some classic info for players that didn't try it.

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