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Suggestion Suggestion: Auction House


Jan 30, 2014
I honestly don't think the staff will want to do this, however I want to throw it out there as a suggestion anyway because who knows, maybe I'm wrong.

This is a custom feature for Classic, but not for lineage 2.

The reason for this is because of the lack of the communities involvement on both the forums and on discord. It has become increasingly more difficult to both sell and buy things, and the market has been all over the place as of late, like all over the place lol.

The benefits of having an Auction House:
  • Centralized Market place, like what MDT was supposed to be, but 75% of the server doesn't use.
  • Will stabilize market value by directly comparing items side by side
  • Time spent at market will reduce, and sales will increase
Side Effects of an Auction House:
  • Can directly affect profit of dwarfs
  • Sets may become harder to sell directly if people use only the auction house
Non-Benefit or Deficit:
  • Item Flipping will become more difficult

Just throwing it out there.
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