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Important New Interlude - This Autumn!


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Oct 26, 2015
Dear friends!
We are glad to announce that the opening of a new Interlude server is coming soon! According to the tradition of L2Dex, we want to give you all a preliminary information about the server rates and the date of opening.
Also as a part of our tradition we will give you a possibility to choose how this server will looks like.


Interlude - September 2018
Server will be opened in mid-September. The exact date and rates will be announced next week.
Server section on the forum will be opened and we will start series of votes. It will depend on you what server you will play on.
Based on the results of voting and your comments, the concept of the server will be drawn up. Voting and discussions will last until the end of August.

What awaits you on the new server?
The same classic Interlude that everyone loves, with a dynamic and exciting game. The server will have some additions that will add variety to the established world of Interlude, but without affecting the main aspects and the oryginal gameplay.
The best build of (PTS) Interlude is tested time-tested.

Characters that will always be with you
We all know that the server sooner or later loses its relevance and online, as a result of which other projects are doing wipe or server shutdown.
But not in our case! We already have a Union database server, which always has active players who will happily accept newcomers from other "out-of-date" servers.

During the next week, we run a series of polls, in which you will select the features of the server.
Follow the news, Team Lineage2dex.com
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