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Buff list from NPC and buff books + GIVEAWAY!


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Oct 26, 2015
Announce full list of buffs from books and NPC!

Genesis server is focused on the pvp, this is the main reason why you will play here so... For good pvp - you need a good buff! :)

In game you will have the opportunity to get a buff in each Town (full buff list) and right on the battlefield from the book (limited list).

  • Buff duration - 1h
  • Buff manager (available in all Towns) - all buffs from 2nd/3rd profession with cat/pony and with resists(resist you can buff only if have Modern Buff Book). You can create pet and self buff profile
  • Buff book (all characters have this book) - all buffs from 2nd/3rd profession without cat/pony and without resists. You can't create profiles
  • Modern buff book (you can buy it for ToD, or get it from Events as reward) - all buffs from 2nd/3rd professions with cat/pony but without resists. You can create pet and self buff profile


Before the server start, we gonna generate several Giveaways in our discord channel.
We are wiling to distribute 10 codes for giveaway 10 Modern Buff Books!

All you need to do is:

The first 10 codes we will giveaway on the 1st July which is Monday at 20:00 (UTC +2)!
Good luck!
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