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Event Uruka - Special RB, with good drop !


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Oct 26, 2015
A special Raid Boss Uruka has been added to the location Graverobber Hideout, RB has a delicious drops.
The whole RB area is a PvP zone.
Gatekeeper in Schuttgart can port you to the 2 teleport points, Raid Boss will be about 2 minutes of running from the TP point.

Features of RB:
  • Level 80
  • Re spawn 20 hours
  • 60% drop 1 random A gr set
  • 100% 1-3 TOP Grade LS 76 lvl
  • 100% 1-3 Giant Codex Book
  • RB can not be taken out of the spawn
  • The whole area around the RB is PvP zone

30 minutes before the RB re spawn, you will see the following announcement:
Raid Boss Uruka will spawn in 30 min

When it appears:
Raid Boss Uruka come in our world!

In time, as the server evolve, the drop from this RB will be improved.
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