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Improved regular Raid Bosses


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Oct 26, 2015
Dear Friends!

On Craft-PvP servers such as Genesis will be, regular RBs are not the best idea because of the low drop rate and a high random spawn time.
Usually, players are logging in additional client to keep eye on re spawn, but it is difficult, since random time is 12 hours :)
We want to make this situation a bit easier for our players so we decided to improve 35 Raid Bosses of level 75+
All for you!

  • Drop rate increased to x3 (more chance to get A-S grade armour or weapon)
  • We've added to some RB's drop list - LS, Giant Codex Books, enchants (Gordon, Hestia, Flamestone Giant, Bloody Empress Decabrbia)
  • 15 min before Raid Boss spawn you will see announcement in game: Raid Boss <RB name> will spawn in 15 min!

We hope that it will diversify the game for small groups. And will allow organising solo players.

Bloody Empress Decarbia
Death Lord Ipos
Death Lord Shax
Lesser Giant Olkuth
Storm Winged Naga
Palatanos of Horrific Power
Flamestone Giant
Ocean Flame Ashakiel
Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
Last Lesser Giant Glaki
Daimon the White-Eyed
Fire of Wrath Shuriel
Longhorn Golkonda
Cherub Galaxia
Ketra's Hero Hekaton
Varka's Hero Shadith
Queen Shyeed
Ketra's Commander Tayr
Varka's Commander Mos
Ketra's Chief Brakki
Knight of Destruction Gordon
Soul of Water Ashutar
Soul of Fire Nastron
Varka's Chief Horus
Sealed Evil Power Sailren
Lord of Splendor Anays
High Priestess van Halter
Flamestone Giant
Bloody Empress Decabrbia
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Jun 7, 2019
Вот это я понимаю решение) А то привыкли на окнах дестрами крабить xD

Great idea, say NO to a vast window farm in 9 windows) google translate xD



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