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Start TODAY at 20:00 (UTC +2) / 21:00 (Kiev/MSC) / 15:00 (Brazil)


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Oct 26, 2015

We remind you that the opening will take place today, on July 12 at
18:00 UTC
20:00 CET
15:00 (UTC -3, Brazil time)
20:00 (UTC +2) - SERVER TIME UTC+2 - time now -
21:00 (UTC +3, Lithuanian time)
21:00 (UTC +3, Moscow time)

Server time UTC +2 you always can check time in this zone here - UTC+2 - exact time now -

We want to thank all players who took part in the Open Testing. Thanks to all those who conducted tests with us and prepared this game world!
The test server turned off.

What you need to know at the start:
  • Registration for 7 seals from Monday, July 15, cycle 1 week (seal stone start drop from Monday)
  • The Olympics will start on July 22, cycle 2 weeks (more info in server description)
  • From start available Uruka RB
Epic Raid Bosses:
At the start all DEAD!

  • Queen Ant (80 lvl): 24hour +/-1hour
  • Core (80 lvl): 36hour +/-1hour
  • Orfen (80 lvl): 36hour +/-1hour
  • Zaken (80 lvl): 48hour +/-1hour
  • Baium (80 lvl): 120hour +(0-2hour)
  • Antharas (80 lvl): 192hour +(0-2hour)
  • Valakas (85 lvl): 264hour
  • Frintezza (85 lvl): 48hour +(0-2hour)

For example:
The first QA will be on July 13 from 19:00 to 21:00 (UTC +2)

Everything you need to start on the server:
It is IMPORTANT to prepare everything for starting the game RIGHT NOW
, do not postpone for later, during the opening there may be problems with the web part of the project and you simply can not register.

If you already have Master Account on Dex, just login in Control Panel and create new game account.
Account from BETA is available on Grand Opening too!
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