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MM/SS/Dagger guide, dyes, equip pvp


Jul 29, 2019
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Hello guys.

I am playing for fun to pve and ocasionaly pvp but in that I am not so much skillfull but I enjoy playing in DEX server.
For pve its ok but in pvp I experienced only a few kills and many deaths by various characters either by the same class or opposite.

So I started to wonder what was the difference, why I got killed and so on.

Lets forgot the other many stuff why I got killed but I want to first sort out the basics which I seem to struggle to find out on the internet and thats:
- what dyes are the best for that class in pvp
- what armor and weapon are the best for that class pvp
- what skills and order are the best to do
- what buffs are necessary

These are practically the very basics and I think I am doin it wrong.

I would be extremely glad if you can help me with MysticMuse, Storm Screamer and Treasure Hunter.
But if this thread will go broader, why not.

Thank you for your advice and explain why do you think so. (My dyes are wrong because... My skill odrer should be .... because....or in case of this situation ...)

My example: (pls post in the same manner as example)
Mystic Muse:

Armor: +3 DC robe
Weapon: +3 Arcana mace (acumen)
Jewelry: +3 full tateo set

+4 WIT / -4 MEN
+4 INT / -4 MEN
+4 CON / -4 STR


PVP Skill order:
surrender to watter, and spamming hydro blast


Aug 28, 2015
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