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Event Event - Forbidden Knowledge (January 08 - January 22)


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Oct 26, 2015
Forbidden Knowledge (January 08 - January 22)

Priest of Knowledge appeared at Giran Town starting from January 08 and will be there until January 22th (09:00).
You can obtain Jewel of Knowledge by hunting any monsters 70-80 level until January 22th (0:00).
Bring them to Priest of Knowledge and she will show you the secret library with different Skill Books, Forgotten Scrolls and Giant's Codex (Mastery).

During this event, you can exchange Jewel of Knowledge for useful goods:
  • x10 Jewel of Knowledge - Giant's Codex - Mastery
  • x150 Jewel of Knowledge - Skill Book (any book from MoS/Pagan/Hellbound)
  • x300 Jewel of Knowledge - Fogotten Scroll (Archer's/Fighter's/Magician's Will)
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