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R.I.P. Shea


Mar 27, 2021
Today, after a day of struggle, my friend Shea, an old but ferocious player on this server not so long ago died prematurely at age 47.
R.I.P. Shea (Evictis), you have been a good friend!


Nov 8, 2013
Deeply saddened by the tragic news...

It would be disingenuous not to admit that his departure evokes a very vivid memento mori in me. Here was a man in his prime, and whether we knew him well or not, some of us took our first steps into Dexverse at the same time he did. We were contemporary explorers, if you will... and there is some kinship in that alone.
We often equate the man and his alter ego, though that does neither justice. We had only a handful of interactions to pierce the veil of the alter ego, but I believe him to have been a man of principle and of intellectual depth. Of his persona, I retain the memory of a strong willed, vocal and zestful leader, one who did undoubtedly inspire fierce loyalty in his comrades. Ultimately, in his own way, he was iconic for that golden era of Dex.

My condolences and thoughts go to his family and loved ones. May they find strength. May he find peace.

Ainulindalë / Dakryon of Eternal Knights


May 11, 2021
Sorry for kinda reopen this but, decided to come back to Dex after a long journey away and, as I was reading through the forum, I couldn't believe the tittle of this topic, so I had to check it. It's always sad when you see a fellow l2 player departing, wether it's an enemy or not. I didn't know him but I knew the voice of command he was. The famous "All drops to Shea" will always stay on my mind, from the glorious days of Dex.

My condolences to the family and friends and RIP Shea.


Jul 16, 2021
Oh my GOD.

I played with him a lot in eVictis clan more than 10 years ago.

So sorry about that, rip Shea :(



Oct 2, 2021
Holly molly, this is so sad, i played with him back in the old days in evictis, my condolences to his wife Lory and all his family, RIP Shea. :(


Nov 21, 2022
Hello guys,

Thank you for your thoughts, for us was unexpected.
He never stop play Lineage and neither do i :biggrin: ... i played with him every time when i had time play, time to time my sister log on also.
1 year passed and when i log on the last server that i played with him, it's fuking hard to start playing, when i remember that all most 20 years we played this game, we have good , bad times , argue , fighting like idiots..... in the end we had a greate time with friends enemy or not.

The legend will remain forever "ALL DROPS TO SHEA" on Dex or any server !
The legengary Clan eVictis with his crew also will remain - funny thing is some dude 2 years ago on a server claming that he was "Shea" the clan leader of "evictis" ... and i was laughing because i knew who i was and also i know who Shea really is.

He was my friend and also my brother in law. R.I.P Shea !

Thank you again for the ones that knew him and played with us.
Take care of you guys , life is so short more then you know.

Best regards form 4lex (the lol cardinal from eVictis) !


Dec 15, 2020
Hope this screenshot will evoke some nostalgia!
I've never been super active player attending every single epic or siege (as a matter of fact I attended a handful even though I started playing L2 around 20 years ago - from C1) so I can't really tell I knew Shea very well, but he seemed a good leader and a nice guy and being in eVicitis clan made me feel very proud.
R.I.P. Shea!

PS1. I still have plenty other screenshots from that Dex x4 server (2009)
PS2. character "Baldwin" exists on Union x50 too - though it's my box, not main :)




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