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How to get access to Classic test server


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Oct 26, 2015

Dear Dexters, please read this info careful before you enter on test server.
It's very important and can save your and our time, and save a lot of nervous.

Current position of the game client - you can call as a pre-alpha test, so if you want to see all work done, better not join, realy :)

For this time, we just make possible run on the latest game client with our server files. And transfer x50 game setup to it.
All game balance, balance of classes, shops etc must be like on current servers, this we transfer and settup too.

But we still have a lot of work by adaptation this new client, to what we need visual. Adapting, game map, transfer all our additional features like TvT or ALT+B to this new client.

We open on discord special Chanel, where you free to discus what you see, and make reports. Mb letter we will ask exactly what to test. And I will try to make some patch notes about our work done.

You need NEW game account for test server:
- Login with your master account on web panel, choose Classic test server, and create it.

You need our game client:
- download full game client (already updated) FTP
- download full game client (already updater) TORRENT
- or you can download updater, put it on empty folder, run it and make update. It downloads all necessary files.
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