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Interlude x300 on new Classic client - July 23


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Oct 26, 2015
Dear Dexter's!
We haven't announced new servers for a long time. The last season server has been opened in October 2021. How you know, some from our team live in Ukraine, and we stay here.
Due ruski invasion in Ukraine and this hell what they did in our lands, we could not fully work and open a new season in April.

But even with this situation, we continued to work on preparing a new, long-awaited Classic client. And those of our core players who are always with us already know that the client is almost ready for release :thumbsup:
So, we ready to announce new server on Dex project!

Interlude x300 on new Classic game client - Grand opening July 23!

This is pre-announcing of new server, so we want to share some key points of this new server. Full details we announce a bit latter.
This will be not seasonal server, server will be separate from Union and our seasonal program. Seasonal server we plan to open in September - October.

Some features:
  • We not plan to merge this server with Union
  • Server PvP oriented with fast exping
  • All unique Dex features will be available. New zones, Raids, Talent Tree, Events, TvT system etc
  • No need craft to get A/S gr equipment
  • Easy to get enchants, ls
  • New TvT season system with a shop for TVT tokens

To new players, who never play before on Dex - Welcome to our greatest community :) Hope you will make right design and will enjoy this game with us!
More info about Dex you can get from our players in discord - Join the Discord Server!

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