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Important Server is open! Gifts for all, changes and nearest events


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Oct 26, 2015
Dear Dexters!
Skadi Interlude x300 open!
It was a really hard start, and we apologize for that. But it was our first start on new Classic game client, and we expect on such problems.
Thx to all players who keep calm and believe on us! You are the BEST! We prepare gifts for your loyalty - 3 Days free PA!

Finally, we can tell all stable and players get Fun playing on this wonderful server. So invite your friends! :)
Its best summer conception ever, relax PvP server, no pay2win. Very good setup for solo players also.

We prepare some changes after server restart, it will be on July 25 12:30 (UTC+2)
Duration ~15-30 min

  • Will be added to all players 20+ lvl scrolls for activating PA on 3 Days. If you already have PA, it just add 3 Days to your timer. This items you cant trade, its personal items and bind on your character. You will need make UPDATE by updater to see this scrolls on your inventory after restart.
  • Start TvT season. All info you can find in ALT+B and at NPC Combat Manager in Aden Town and Giran Harbor. Participate on it, don't miss! Prizes get loser team too!
  • Kamaloka/Labyrinth of Abyss availble on Rune Town
  • Increase drop from all RB x2
  • Increase drop at Sailren

Nearest Events that you need to know:
  • TvT season starts today!
  • Olympiad fight start at Friday 29, and will take place 3 days till July 31 (included). From August 1 we will get first Hero
  • Hellbound will be open from July 30
  • Talent tree will be available from July 30. Except Tier 4. Tier 4 we open when we get first Hero (From August 1)
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