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Important Interlude x50: Opening November 5! (Classic Game client)


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Oct 26, 2015
Opening November 5 at 19:00 (UTC +2)
Open Beta Test from November 1

Hello everyone!
This summer, we opened the first server on our new client(Skadi x300). Not a secret that this was something like test launch, server with almost no donation and with very fast exping and simplified equipment loot :) If someone looking for easy fun server, it's good choice to join it right now, we have big bonuses to newbies here. And you can test and check new client before new season.
As expected, the new client is flawless! It gave us many new previously unavailable features that we can use now and improved game optimizations (compared to IL and HF clients much more fps and no crashes).

And now, when we get stable and smooth work on Classic game client, we are ready to announce a new Winter season and new fresh server on Lineage2Dex!
  • Opening - November 5 19:00 (UTC +2)
  • Open Beta - From November 1
Full server description* you can find in this topic (also will be available from game in ALT+B):
Full server Description Interlude x50

*Topic with description will be changed to match the current server features. But in general, the server base will be the same as described in the topic

Our features:
We use classic Interlude rules, no Kamaels, new races or new gear (maximum S gr like it should be on Interlude). But yes, we are using a new modern client, and we add new content to make your gameplay more varied and interesting.
So if you before play only on default Interlude servers it will be not a problem for you :)
And for players who before not play in la2 at all, we have good Data Base in game where you can get all detailed info about server + we have very friendly core Dex community on discord who will help you with pleasure.

  • New Classic Game client (good optimization)
  • Unique TvT system, with 1 week season, rating for best players in classes. Good reward (you can get for it even epics, even if you solo player, just regular visit it)
  • Rim Kamaloka and Labyrinth of Abyss
  • Daily reward system. Visit game each day being Nobless and get reward.
  • Daily Quests
  • Item Broker
  • Giran Harbor special unique area with Fair on it - Giran Harbor Fair - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude
  • Masterwork items (can be obtained by crafting or farming RBs )
  • PvP Items
  • Residence skills
  • High-end content (details below)

We have destroyed the stereotypes that x50 servers live for a couple of weeks. And our Union x50 server confirms this (the Union server has been working for 2.5 years) We have enough content that will allow you to maintain interest in the game all the time! And we are always working on improving the game and adding new interesting activities and content.

High-end activities on start will be not available, we will add it gradually with time.

High-end content:

We will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions on our discord channel, join it we have very friendly community there :)
- Join discord

Some movies from our players:

Much more movies in our Discord channel
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