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Special offer to Streamers!


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Oct 26, 2015
Dear friends!
We are introducing a Loyalty Program for streamers who show the in-game world situation.

As a L2Dex streamer you will get the gifts listed below every week:
  • Premium Account scroll - 7 days
  • Modern Buff Book 7 days

Conditions for streamers:
  1. Your stream must contain L2Dex in its title and L2Dex banner or logo in its window.
  2. All the streamed materials have to be saved!
  3. 20 hours of transmission per week grants a gift. Gifts given every Monday. First gift u can get on June 19 and you will need only 10h+ of streaming.
  4. You must put link on you stream in special streaming channel on discord when you start broadcasting
*If streams will be low quality, or in AFK mode just in town or some locations. Player will be deleted from Streamer role.
So please, ppl who just want free items and don't want to make any content, avoid this Event.

Example of animated L2DEX logo. Made by our player zissupa.
View attachment e49829809bae5f0774de0902b10d4f46.mp4
- Download Full High Quality Version

In order to get the gift-code and special role on discord for streamers you will have to message
on Discord with a link to your streaming channel and ask for the reward.
Gift given each Monday.

This code you can activate in web panel here:

You can activate it for any character or gift it to your friend.

Also, streamers can request a special role in Discord. You can add your channel on your Discord account and othe people on our Discord will see when u start transmission, it can helps you with viewers.


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