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EPISODE 4 - "Era of Heroes" has been started!


Nov 6, 2013
**EPISODE 4 - "Era of Heroes" has been started!**
➡ Unlocked 4th Talent Tier (93 points max)
➡ Started Skirtos Event (detailed info in forum thread: Lucky Pots (28.11 - 11.12) - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude)
➡ Updated assortment of Combat Manager (added high epic)
➡ Gran Kain's T-Shirt + Scrolls for enchant was added to NPC Astarte for ToDs & adena

**Other changes:**
➡ Flames of Invincibility no longer takes buff slot.
➡ Added confirmation dialog when trying to delete buff profile or stop EXP gain.
➡ Increased buff duration from runes on TvT from 60 to 120 seconds.
➡ Added 3 more TvT matches to schedule
➡ Fixed some geodata issues on Hellbound (when you stuck and can't move)
➡ Some buffs of the Cursed Leader now can be cancelled with higher chance.
➡ Cursed Leader now can be "Peaced".
➡ Fixed bug with fast respawn of minions at Cursed Town (should be 6min + some random)
➡ Added more info about clan skills and social ranks into ALT+B
➡ ⚠ Added an option to move buff/debuff into desired effect line on interface. Just hit Ctrl+LMB about buff into your buff list and it will be moved into debuff line. Or hit Shift+LMB to move selected buff/debuff to Special line.



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