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Event Christmas (19.12 - 08.01)


May 5, 2019

Event Period
  • Launch event - December 19
  • Last day of Item drop - January 1 (included)
  • NPC disappear - January 8
  • Be sure to update your game files via updater for correct displaying of event items and gifts! (after server restart December 19)

Who can participate
Each player of our server can become an event participant, regardless of the equipment and level of your character in the game.
The event is not tied to time and a specific location. It is enough to be in the game and hunt monsters 70+ level in order to participate.

Christmas Trees
came to Elmoreden to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the players. Help him decorate the world with Christmas Trees, hunt monsters around the world and get parts of the Christmas tree, bring them to him and he will create Christmas Tree or Special Christmas Tree for you. When tree is placed on the ground, it will apply an experience increasing effect for nearby players. Tree duration is 20 minutes. After this time it will disappear.

Depending on the type of tree following effects can be applied:
Christmas tree - 50% EXP/SP bonus.
Special Christmas tree - 200% EXP/SP bonus.

To create Christmas Tree you need:
x10 - Fir Tree Branch
x5 - Bead Ornament
x5 - Star Ornament
x1 - Flower Pot

To create Special Christmas Tree you need:
x100 - Fir Tree Branch
x50 - Bead Ornament
x50 - Star Ornament
x1 - Flower Pot

Bring all collected parts to Santa and he will create a tree for you.
Santa is located in Giran Town and Giran Harbor.

Red Christmas Socks
Sometimes monster will drop
Red Christmas Sock, which contains marvelous gifts!
Please note that this is a personal item and cannot be sold or dropped.

  • Giant's Codex Mastery
  • BEAA
  • BEWA
  • BEAS
  • BEWS
  • Neolithic Crystal A-Grade
  • Neolithic Crystal S-Grade
  • Ring of Queen Ant (7d/15d/real)
  • Ring of Core (7d/15d/real)
  • Earring of Orfen (7d/15d/real)
  • Earring of Zaken (7d/15d/real)

Christmas Cloak
Santa can also create Christmas Cloak for you, but he's out of red material so he will ask you to bring:
Red Christmas Sock - x10.
If you complete this request, you will receive a beautiful Christmas-themed cloak.

Other Gifts!
During the first dialogue with Event Manager Santa each player will receive gifts:

Staff of transformation into a Snowman:
  • Transformation - increases the speed +7
  • gives 2 event skills

Santa's Hat:
  • Gives 3% Pvp Def
  • Duration of hat - 15 days
  • Personal item

Happy holidays to you!
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