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Migration and Skadi Legacy Box


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Oct 26, 2015
Migration and Skadi Legacy Box
As was said a few days ago, the Skadi x300 server was destroyed :(
We understand that there is no way we can refund your time and effort and we are very sorry. This attack was a very strong blow on our team too.
But we want to do at least something, that we can for our players.
We will give the opportunity to start on the NEW (winter) server with a special and extremely generous "Skadi Legacy Box"!
This box will allow you to play in full comfort at least until merge with union which will happen in March and maybe even more.
For those who are afraid of a low x50 rate after x300, do not be afraid. At level 80, the development speed is practically the same.
Also you and other players will have bonus "pre-merge" events in February and will have a chance to get enough boost. So everything is just beginning. We hope that it should not be a problem to equip your new character and have some fun with us. After all, NEW server still has more people online that Skadi ever had.

Skadi Legacy Box:
- Premium Account for 3 Months
- Modern Buff Book for 30 days
- Loyalty Equipment D, C, B-Grade
- 24 Buff Slots Books pack
- Bracelet of Malaria/Cholera/Rheumatism/Flu
- Gran Kain's T-Shirt + 50 enchant scrolls for it.
- Golden Maned Lion
- New Year Cloak
- x3 Echange Coupon - Weapon A Grade (can be exchanged for temporary A-Grade weapon at Adventure Guildsman)
- x3 Echange Coupon - Weapon S Grade (can be exchanged for temporary S-Grade weapon at Adventure Guildsman)
- x10 Exchange Coupon - Gold (can be exchanged for temporary epic jewelry and modern buff book at Adventure Guildsman)
- Rune of Capacity MAX lvl
- Rune of Lightness MAX lvl
- Rune EXP/SP 7day
- x50 Potion of Training 200%
- x1000 CP/HP/MP Potions

This box will be available only for players from the Skadi server, who login in game at less once, from December 15 till server end!
Skadi Legacy Box, you will receive on web panel warehouse for New server (on same Master Account where did you have Skadi character).
Items will appear on your warehouse somewhere between 04-05 January. (We will do it manually and announce when finish sending Skadi Legacy Boxes)

How to get Pack
1. Choose New-Interlude x50 server on web panel
2. Click on Open warehouse
3. Choose Migration Pack
4. Choose game account (on new server)
5. Choose game character (you need before create it in game client)
6. Transfer Pack in game

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