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Important Q&A Session / Upcoming Changes


May 5, 2019

Q: When you will launch next event?
A: Starting from 11-13 February for 2 weeks till February 26. Details later.

Q: When you add a new melee location in Hellbound Quarry?
A: We do not want to add another monotonous location, so we will try to make something more interesting, but it will take more time. At Quarry in addition for killing monsters you will be able to "capture" slaves, which will extract additional resources for you with time, but for this you will have to protect them or another person will capture your slave and obtain these resources. By the way, does this remind you of anything, huh?

Q: What about next episodes?
A: We plan to start episode 5 - "Giant's Legacy" after first restart in February. Most likely February 4-6. Durring 2 week location Giant's Cave will be inhabited by highlvl monsters, which will drop Giant's Codex and Giant's Codex - Mastery with improved chances. Episode 6 and 7 will be launched in 2 weeks after previous episode one by one. Details will be later.

Q: What about Beleth?
A: We will start work this weekends and finish somewhere in February (or ealier, hard to say now). Beleth will be unique epic in terms of fight for it. All details will be available later, but if make long story short your clan will require to have only 5 parties in CC to challenge it. Each party will be teleported on separate "room" randomly and will wait for random opponent from another clan. So it will be like small 9x9 tournament and the CC which have at least 3 "winners" will be allowed to farm Beleth. Beleth itself should not be too strong. Same for Beleth's Ring. We will annonuce exact bonuses later, but it should be +/- equal to Baium Ring by value and not so OP like was Freya in the past. Same for respawn - it will be no longer than 5 days, probably 3-4. Our goal is not to add another OP epic ring, but make some fun 9x9 tournaments with good and unique reward. Also Beleth will drop 5/6-slot bracelets for charms, well... that's strong. It is to hard to reveal all details about it right now, but have some patience. We hope that Beleth will be another core feature of our project in a row with TvT and Talents.

Q: When will blessed epic creation be available?
A: After first restart in February. You will need x2 Improved epic to create x1 Blessed. You can check stats of blessed epic in alt+B.

Q: What about cursed epic?
A: Cursed Epic will be available at Episode 7 in March. It has same stats like Blessed Epics and can be enchanted/crystalized. But, cursed epic can not be dropped/traded etc. So this is personal item.

When Episode 7 starts the Execution Ground location will transfer into high level endgame area. Monsters in this area will drop with a small chance one of the following non-tradable items: Small/Medium/Large Cursed Ore. Each ore can be traded for some amount of Cursed Stones. The larger ore - the more stones you get.
Cursed Ore can be converted into Cursed Stones at special NPC. This NPC also will be able to add Curse to your regular Epic Jewelry or even trade some Cursed Stones for Cursed Epic Jewelry.

As example to create Cursed Ring of Queen Ant you have following options:
- x1 Ring of Queen Ant + x400 Cursed Stones
- x1 Improved Ring of Queen Ant + x200 Cursed Stones
- x1 Blessed Ring of Queen Ant
- x1000 Cursed Stones (this value can be adjusted depending on epic jewelry)

Event items are not tradable, so you can't purchase it from other players. That means you will be forced to kills some monsters (solo or in party).
Execution ground will be divided into combat and regular zones. According to our plan, if a player will farm monsters in Execution Grounds for 2-3 hours a day, then on average in 2 weeks he will be able to get x1400 Cursed Stones. So lets say +/- 100 Cursed Stones per 3h of nonstop farm.

And now most juicy thing... Are you ready? NPC which trades cursed stones will stay even after merge!
No, we don't plan to launch same events on union, but if you got some Cursed Stones on NEW but still haven't regular epic to upgrade, you will have an opportunity do it later, after merge.
So, if you play 2-3 hour per day and got at least 1200 Cursed Stones in 2 week, that means that you will be able to make x3 Cursed Epic. Even after merge when you will finally get some regular epic for upgrade.

Q: When you will merge NEW with UNION servers?
A: In March. It is hard to say exact date, because sometimes we are forced to move dates due to war at our country. But we can say for sure - right after the Episode 7.

That's all! I hope I didn't disappoint you! If you have any other questions, ask them in the general chat and, if possible, tag Riku ;)
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