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Server Description - Interlude x30

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Oct 26, 2015

Server Rates
  • Exp/SP: x30
  • Adena: x15 (exception: Forge of Gods x20)
  • Drop: х20
  • Drop resources (materials for craft): x20
  • Spoil: x10
  • Seal Stones: x10
  • RB Exp/SP: х20 - х120
  • RB Drop: x10
  • Epic RB Drop: x1 (custom)
Quests with increased rates:
  • Quest: x1 (general quests)
  • Gather the Flames - rate x2, amount of Torches, now you can choose reward, added resources to reward
  • Relics of the Old Empire - rate x2, amount of Broken Relic Parts, now you can choose reward, added resources to reward
  • The Finest Food - rate x2
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos - rate x2, amount of quest items
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs - rate x2, amount of quest items
  • War with Ketra - amount of quest items drop - x5, amount of Molar of Ketra Orc
  • War with Varka - amount of quest items drop - x5, amount of Varka's Mane
  • The Zero Hour (And all quest chain) - rate x10, amount of Stakato Fang
  • Yoke of the Past - amount x5
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension - amount x5
  • Guardians of The Holy Grail - amount x20
  • Seekers of the Holy Grail - amount x20
  • Exploration of Giants Cave - chance to drop quest items - x20
  • Legacy of Insolence - amount x20
  • Whisper of Dreams Part 1 - amount x20
  • Whisper of Dreams Part 2 - amount x20
  • Four Goblets - x5 (that means you get more sealed boxes at 4 sepulchers)
  • Clan Prestige - x10

  • ALT+B - in game data base, skills, mobs, RB status and all server features. You can find there any item you need, it will shows you where it drops
  • Auto learning skills (except skills from 80 lvl, books can be obtained from mobs in Primeval Island and Hellbound)
  • Auto loot
  • Weight limit is increased
  • MP potions - 1000 MP / 10 sec CD
  • Auto CP/MP/HP
  • Unique TvT-system.
  • Daily Rewards (reward calendar), play every day and get gifts
  • In Loyalty Shop you can find temporary bracelets with buffs from Hot Springs, modern buff book, runes for weight limit and inventory slots.
  • Daily Quests - available at Pathfinder in Rune.
  • You can craft resources at NPC Blacksmith (any value at one time)
  • .menu - Universal game menu
  • .offtrade - 100k adena
  • Increased cost for Teleport x5 (only for 76+ char)
  • Free TP up to 40 lvl
  • Increased number of maximum possible subclasses from 3 to 5. Also you can increase this number up to 10 with help of ToD (Treasure of Dex - donate currency).
  • Clan Eggs can no longer be purchased with donate currency, so if you want clan skills - kill raid bosses or farm fortress/castle instance zones or you can purchase it later from NPC Joseph (Hellbound).
  • After reaching level 80 and 3rd class you will be able to learn special passives - Talents (read more)

  • D/C/B-Grade equipment you can buy in shop for Adena
  • A-Grade equipment recipes such as weapons, armors, jewelry are sold via NPC Astarte for adena and ancient adena
  • S-Grade recipes are obtainable only from quests

Masterwork items:
  • During the craft of B/A/S gr items, there is a 8% to craft masterwork version of item
  • You can get Neolithic Crystal from events, and maybe from special RBs, you can use it to add MW status to your item
  • All RB 52+ drop Neolithic Splinter (B/A/S gr), the amount depends on the RB type. You can exchange 100 Neolithic Splinters + adena for Neolithic Crystal on Black Marketer of Mammon

The main differences in skill mechanics:
  • Now buffs can be removed using ALT + Click on the buff.
  • Now atk speed / cst speed does not affect on reuse delay of skills. The rollback speed is affected only by the buff, passive skills of the character and epic jewelry.
  • Celestial buffs are now removed when using any skills.
  • Magical damage is no longer constant, now it has a small spread.
  • To update the mechanics of enchanting skills, new branches have been added. Blessed Enchant Skill books have been added.
  • Maximum possible critical rate of magic skills is 50% now.
  • Changed minimum possible chance to hit from 30% to 10%. From our tests if difference Evasion/Accuracy is more than 22 - chance to hit is 10%.
  • Added target limit for all AoE skills. Limit is from 10 to 30 targets, depending on skill. You will find more detailed info in ALT+B.
  • Summoners can not send their servitors too far. It will be teleported back to master if range is more than 1500.

Seven Signs:
  • The Seal Stones farm period: from Monday 18:00 (GMT+3) to Friday 06:00 (UTC +3).
  • The Mammon's period: from Friday 06:15 (UTC +3) to Monday 17:45 (UTC +3)

Clans and Ally:
Up to 3 clans can unite into 1 alliance. The maximum number of players in 1 clan is 200.
In some zones you cannot bring more than 54 people from 1 alliance. Anyone who exceeds this limit will be automatically teleported to the city.

List of zones with players clan/ally limit:
  • Ant Nest
  • Cruma Tower
  • Sea of Spores
  • Devil Island
  • Heart of Antharas Lair
  • Antharas Nest
  • Forge of Gods (only when teleported from Klein inside)
  • Valakas Lair
  • Ice Queen Castle (Freya)
  • Imperial Tomb
  • Valley of Saints
  • Primeval Island (dark side)
  • Hellbound (Left Side)
  • Hellbound (Right Side)
  • Near all castles

Premium Account

After purchasing Premium Account you will see golden frame around your lvl - your PA is activated.
Premium account works on all characters in game account.

PA gives:
  • +30% Exp/SP
  • +30% Adena/SealStones (Amount)
  • +100% Fame Points
  • 100 Loyalty Points every 10 min while your character is online
  • For Loyalty Points and Fame Points you can buy some useful items
You can buy PA from the game, click on the icon in the lower left corner.

NPC Buffer & Buff Book:
  • Time of buffs - 60 minutes
  • Maximum buff slots - 24 from 1st lvl
  • Common buff book now allows you to use all available buffs (including resists and blessings/gifts)
  • Modern buff book allows you to create buff profiles. Now you can also edit your selected buff profile and simple add/delete buffs to it.

NPC Astrate offers you class change, subclass and nobless

Learning professions:
  1. First class transfer - free
  2. Second class transfer - free
  3. Third class transfer - 700 Black Halisha's Mark and 15.000.000 adena
    • Black Halisha's Mark drop in Shrine of Loyalty, monsters to hunt: Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight, Shrine Guard
    • You don't need any quest

Getting a sub class:
Two ways to get a sub-class:
  • Cheaper way: Items required: Reiria’s soul orb (from Cabrio) + 3 Infernium Scepters (from TOI Sub RBs) and 100.000.000 adena; Required lvl 75+
  • Shorter way: Items required: Reiria’s soul orb (from Cabrio) and 200.000.000 adena; Required lvl 75+
You don't have to hit any of these raid bosses, just talk to the chest which appears after their death.
Return to the NPC Astarte and with just one click you will get a sub-class!

Getting a Noblesse:
  • Items required: Noblesse Pass, can be get from Barakiel (only party that deal last hit Barakiel will get a Quest Item) and 150.000.000 adena; Required sub-class lvl 75+
Conditions for obtaining Noblesse Pass:
  1. Only last hit or being in a party which deal the last hit to the Flame of Splendor Barakiel
  2. You have to be on your sub-class lvl 75+
  3. You have to stand near RB when he dies
Characters who already have nobless status won't get Nobless Pass again.

Alternative way to get Noblesse Pass:
Flame of Splendor Barakiel will spawn Chest of Barakiel after death.
All nearby players (who are on subclass and have level 76+) can talk with it and receive Nobless Pass Piece.
When you collect 7/7 Nobless Pass Pieces they will be converted into Noblesse Pass.

Raid Bosses:
The following list shows the Raid Bosses whose level was raised up to 80
  • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio and TOI Sub RB (needed to obtain Infernium Scepters) - 8 hours.
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel (needed to obtain Nobless Pass) - 8 hours and 10 minutes of random time.
  • Varka’s Hero Shadith (4th level of alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time.
  • Varka’s Commander Mos (5th level of alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time.
  • Ketra’s Hero Hekaton (4th level of alliance with Varka Silenos) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time.
  • Ketra Commander Tayr (5th level of alliance with Varka Silenos) - 8 hours and 120 minutes of random time.

Epic Bosses:
fights at 1st and 2nd stages have 5 minutes time limit (was 10 minutes)
Frinteza to enter you must have CC with min 2 party and max 5
Our server uses advanced system for epic respawn. First of all we set the global time frame in which the epic can respawn (22:00 - 0:00 UTC+3) and after that game choose random window (30 min) somewhere in this range.
This season we shorten the global time frame to 2 hours, so you spend less time at epic fights and will have some additional hours for farm, 9x9 fights and other events. Also we decreased random window for some epics like Frintezza, Baium and Zaken from 1h to 30 minutes. So, more epics will respawn at the same time and you may not be able to visit all. Or you will have to divide a large clan into several squads and send them to different bosses.
Here is how the final table looks:

* - Freya will appear on Episode 6, Beleth will appear on Episode 8

You can always find out the minimum and maximum respawn time of the next Epic Boss. Press in game ALT+B (data base) abd check Raid tab

For example on screen bellow, you can see curent date and time (2022/10/17 13:36)
And time when next Frintezza can respawn. From 2022/10/17 23:03 to 2022/10/17 23:33

Core and Orfen Epic Jewelry updated!

Instance Zones
Server contains following instance zones which opens during Episodes (check our Roadmap):
  • Rim Kamaloka (solo zone) - Drop: B/A/S recipes and recipes for craft, any enchant scrolls, life stones.
    • Rim Kamaloka (Low B-Grade) - available from Episode 1.
    • Rim Kamaloka (Top B-Grade) - available from Episode 1.
    • Rim Kamaloka (Low A-Grade) - available from Episode 1.
    • Rim Kamaloka (Top A-Grade) - available from Episode 2.
    • Rim Kamaloka (S-Grade) - available from Episode 3.
  • Hall of Abyss (3-9 players) - Drop: A/S armors and jewelry, enchant armor scrolls, neolithic splinters.
    • Hall of Abyss (Low A-Grade) - available from Episode 1.
    • Hall of Abyss (Top A-Grade) - available from Episode 2.
    • Hall of Abyss (S-Grade) - available from Episode 3.
  • Labyrinth of Abyss (3-9 players) - Drop: A/S weapons and jewelry, enchant weapon scrolls, neolithic splinters, heart of abyss.
    • Labyrinth of Abyss (Low A-Grade) - available from Episode 1.
    • Labyrinth of Abyss (Top A-Grade) - available from Episode 2.
    • Labyrinth of Abyss (S-Grade) - available from Episode 3.
  • Fortress Prison (3-9 players) - Drop: A/S armors, T-Shirts, enchant scrolls, neolithic splinters, GC, Potion of Training.
    • available from Episode 1.
  • Castle Prison (3-9 players) - Drop: A/S armors, T-Shirts, enchant scrolls, neolithic splinters, Potion of Training.
    • available from Episode 3.
  • Rim Pailaka (3-9 players) - Drop: A/S armors, T-Shirts, enchant scrolls, castle jewelry parts, Blood Oath, Potion of Training.
    • available from Episode 5.
  • Crystal Caverns (3-9 players) - Drop: Enchant scrolls, Charm, Charmstone, GCM.
    • Emerald Square - available from Episode 7.
    • Steam Corridor - available from Episode 7.
    • Coral Garden - available from Episode 7.
Reworked a way how you can enter some instances. Instead of dialog with NPC you should talk with Warpgate.

Added window with detailed instance info and simplified the process of partymatching for instances.

Hellbound is endgame PvP-oriented area with custom drop which is available starting from Episode 5.
Hellbound has 3 Stages which will be opened step by step during Episodes.
  • Stage 1 (available starting from from Episode 5)
    • Hellbound Harbor - the only non-pvp area at Hellbound.
    • Hellbound Quarry - location for melee classes and summoners
    • Enchanted Megalith - location for mage classes
    • Ancient Temple Remnants - location for healers
    • Sand Swept Dunes - location for archer/melee/mage classes
    • Ancient Mansion - underground area with AA drop
  • Stage 2 (available starting from Episode 6)
    • Battered Lands - contains locations for archer/melee/mage classes
  • Stage 3 (available starting from Episode 7-8)
    • Steel Citadel - solo location for fast exp.
    • Cursed City - party location with charm drop.
    • Anomic Foundry - solo location with elixir recipes drop.
On Hellbound you can get unique items, get spellbooks for new skills and other goods.
There is a special currency - Hellbound Coins. With this currency you can add PvP bonus to your equipment and purchase different goods from Trader Joseph.

You can get Ancient Enchant Scrolls (which not breaks equipment) at Relic Merchant Duvin.

There are also a lot of daily quests with juicy rewards.

All other game mechanics, description of new location etc you can find on Guide section

- Guides
- Patchnotes (changes from current state of Union server)
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