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Event Team vs Team Event on Beta, June 12-15


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Oct 26, 2015

Dear friends!
When Beta start on June 10, we run TvT season system. It will be 2 seasons during Beta:
  • From June 10 till June 11 (including)
  • From June 12 till June 15 (including) - Event
We need to test the scoring and ranking system before the Grand Opening.
To motivate you to test, for the second season we will give out symbolic but pleasant rewards to all players who take first place in their class.
You will receive rewards in the warehouse of the master account, the character with which you take 1st place.

We want to notice that the rewards will be given to winners of Season 2 of TvT, which will take place from June 12th to 15th. We also want to emphasize that this is a test and problems are possible.

  • Potion Pack (x500, CP, MP, Great Heal) - This pack can significantly help in economic terms at the start (you can save adena, having a stock of such consumables at the start ). Potion have no weight
  • Unique S gr shield(Like IC) with Dex logo. Its unique shield, we not sell this shield, and you can get it only for your activity on Dex, helping and for such Events

We turn on this Event for TESTs and for FUN! So if you will participate, you agree with this simple rules, if not, don't participate on it!
Good luck to Everyone and have a fun!



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