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Event Dark Invasion


May 5, 2019

General information
Dark Invasion is a daily event that takes place at 22:30 (server time) and has duration 15 minutes.
A global alert will appear 2 minutes before the invasion starts. You can register to event if you are 70+ level.

When event starts you will be teleported to location where invasion is taking a place.
If you missed the registration, you can still run to the portal's location and participate in event.
Portal can appear near Gludio, Dion, Giran, Aden or Goddard Towns.
During the event, you have to fight Shilen's army that appear from the dimensional portal.


Monsters appear from the portals, similar to those that you could meet in the catacombs.
All these monsters drop solid amount of Seal Stones and can be killed without a party.

They are not aggressive, but if you kill monster near each other they can attack you together.

There are 5 type of enemies:
Shilen's Captain - Undead. Strong P.Def, Strong P.Atk., reflect some damage from melee attacks back to attacker.
Shilen's Guard - Undead. Strong P.Atk., Immune to lethal attacks.
Shilen's Sniper - Undead. Strong Mdef, strong P.Atk.
Shilen's Wizard - Demon. Strong M.Def, strong M.Atk., reflect some damage from melee attacks back to attacker.
Shilen's Elite Guard* - Demon. Strong P.Def, very strong P.Atk.
* - Shilen's Elite Guard appears only 1 at the same time for each portal. They have more HP and better drop.

Invasion Leader

If you kill enough monsters the Invasion Leader can appear.
Invasion Leader is a Raid Boss which can be killed only with a group of players.
It has strong resistance against sword and blunt weapons.
Also he has powerful minion with short respawn time.
Everyone in party which made lasthit on Invasion Leader will receive Treasure Sack - Dark Invasion.
Also everyone in that party has a chance to increase Soul Crystal level:
10 -> 11: Chance 20%
11 -> 12: Chance 20%
12 -> 13: Chance 10%

When Invasion Leader dies all nearby players will receive an effect Triumph:

When 15 minutes passed - dimensional portals will be closed and invasion will end.
High Priest of Dawn will appear and give a Treasure Sack - Dark Invasion for everyone who participated in event.

Treasure Sack - Dark Invasion contains:
x1-x3 Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 (Loyalty*)
x1-x3 Giant's Codex - Mastery (Loyalty*)
* - Loyalty items cannot be traded.
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