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Roadmap - Autumn Season (2023)


May 5, 2019

This time we decided to slow down the pace of server and give you more time to enjoy familiar locations before Hellbound Island opens.
This season runs from October to February and after that will be merged with Union x50 server. We will have 10 Episodes instead of 7 like it was in the past.
We believe you will like this new system and if so - we will use it for our future servers.
Check our roadmap for details:

"Astarte" - our GM shop.
"Event" - features that have scheduled start/end dates. Available only durring this period.
"Activity" - features that can be disabled at the start of the server, but after activation they always remain active.
"Talent Tree" changes with talent tree.
"Location" - changes in existing locations or opening new ones.

Prologue - GenesisOctober 14 - October 15
  • Activity: "Location of the Day".
  • Talent Tree: Disabled.
  • At this episode we do not plan to burden you with multiple activities, since you will already have something to do ;)
Episode 1 - Prelude of WarOctober 16 - October 22
  • (October 16th) Open registration on Seven Signs.
  • Instances: B-Grade at Rune available. Fortress instances available.
  • Activity: "Giran Harbor Fair".
  • Activity: TvT Event (Rewards: only potions! Combat Manager not exist. No combat coins. No season boxes.)
  • Astarte update:
    • Nobless
    • Bracelets of Malaria/Rheumatism/Flue/Cholera.
  • (October 20th) Mammons arrive to Giran Harbor.
  • (October 20th) Astarte update:
    • A-Grade gear added.
    • Soul Crystals level 11 and 12.
Episode 2 - Primeval WarsOctober 23 - October 29
  • Event: "Halloween" launch (for 2 weeks).
  • Activity: "Sailren Awakening".
  • Instances: Low A-Grade at Rune available.
  • Preparation for Grand Olympiad Games (week without fights).
  • (October 29th) First sieges.
Episode 3 - Grand OlympiadOctober 30 - November 5
  • Instances: Top A-Grade at Rune available. Castle Prison instance available.
  • Activity: Grand Olympiad Games.
  • Astarte update:
    • Potions of Training (+% to EXP gained).
    • Loyalty T-Shirt.
    • Soul Crystals level 13.
Episode 4 - Holy Grail WarNovember 6 - November 12
  • First heroes.
  • Event: "Collecting Medals" launch (for 2 weeks).
  • Instances: S-Grade at Rune available.
  • Activity: TvT Event Seasons (with combat coin and season box rewards). Combat Manager appears at Giran Harbor (but not selling epic).
  • Location: Holy Grail War started (read more). New spellbooks can be dropped at Pagan/MoS. New daily quests added to Pagan/MoS. Reward: x1-x3 GCM.
  • (November 12th) Second sieges.
Episode 5 - HellboundNovember 13 - November 19
  • Talent Tree: Tier 1.
  • Location: 1-st part of Hellbound Island available:
    • Harbor
    • Quarry
    • Enhanced Megalith
    • Ancient Temple Remnants
    • Desert
  • Added special currency Hellbound coins. With these coins you can buy:
    • Life Stones, Enchant Scrolls, Giant Codex.
    • Items for Clan level 9.
    • Make PvP equipment.
  • Some raid bosses on Hellbound drop Forgotten Scrolls (old Tier 4 Talent skills).
  • Black Marketeer of Mammon can exchange x10 GC for x1 GCM with some fee.
  • Grand Olympiad Manager can exchange 12k Olympiad Token for x1 GCM (Loyalty).
  • Instances: Castle Instance Rim Pailaka available.
  • Activity: "Dark Invasion".
Episode 6 - Ice QueenNovember 20 - December 3
  • Talent Tree: Tier 2.
  • Talent Tree: Tier 3 (from November 27).
  • Activity: PvP Event Seasons (details will be available later). - POSTPONED FOR LATER
  • Event: "Satyr Skirtos" launch (for 2 weeks).
  • Location: 2-nd part of Hellbound Island available:
    • Battered Lands
  • New epic boss: Freya.
Episode 7 - Dark WizardDecember 4 - December 17
  • Event: "Master Yogi" launch (for 2 weeks).
  • Location: 3-rd part of Hellbound Island available:
    • Steel Citadel
    • Anomic Foundry
    • Cursed Village
  • New epic boss: Beleth.
  • Instances: Crystal Caverns instances available:
    • Coral Garden
    • Emerald Square
    • Steam Corridor
    • Crystal Prison
  • Combat Manager at Giran Harbor can sell temporary epic jewelry.
  • Grand Olympiad Manager can sell Forgotten Scrolls (old Tier 4 Talent skills).
Episode 8 - Wealth & GreedDecember 18 - January 7
  • Event: "Christmas".
  • Location: Lair of Antharas location temporary became endgame area with new monsters and special drop.
    • The purpose of the location - farm Blessed Enchant Scrolls, Ancient Enchant Scrolls and Adena.
Episode 9 - Giant's LegacyJanuary 8 - January 28
  • Event: "NEW EVENT".
  • Location: Giants Cave location temporary became endgame area with new monsters and special drop.
    • The purpose of the location - farm Giant's Codex Mastery (Loyalty).
    • Unlike last time, you will farm special items that can be exchanged for Giant's Codex - Mastery (Loyalty).
    • Items are tradable. GCM - not tradable.
    • You can exchange these items to GCM only durring episode 9.
Episode 10 - Cursed TreasuresJanuary 29 - February 18
  • Event: "L2Day"
  • Added an option to create Improved and Blessed epic jewelry (combine x2 or x4 epic to more powerful one).
  • Location: Execution Ground location temporary became endgame area with new monsters and special drop.
    • The purpose of the location - farm Epic Jewelry and upgrade it to Cursed Epic Jewelry*
* - Cursed Epic Jewelry have same stats like Blessed Epic Jewelry but binded to character, and can't be traded.
Epilogue - Merging of WorldsFebruary 19 - February 24
  • Merge with Union server
  • (After Merge) Event: "Ahuron Raulian" - gifts and celebration:
    • Temporary Epic Jewelry set - 30-days (AQ, Baium, Zaken, Antharas, Valakas).
    • Bonus pack with GCM (Loyalty)
    • Bonus pack with Top-Grade life stones (Loyalty)
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