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Earth Wyrm Trasken


May 5, 2019
Earth Wyrm Trasken

Trasken is a gigantic, flightless wyrm, is a dragonspawn of Shilen's.
This is a new level 80 open-world Epic Boss of medium strength which uses physical and earth attacks.
Trasken cannot move, but uses powerful attacks in both melee and ranged combat. It have resistance to melee weapons and strong magic defense.
In addition, Trasken summon minions and tentacles that will interfere with you in battle.

You can challenge Trasken every 2 days, because it has a respawn of 48h, plus some randomness.
The most valuable loot from this boss is a Ring of Earth Wyrm, which has the following properties:
Ring of Earth Wyrm - MP +17, Resistance to Mental/Sleep attacks +5%; Mental/Sleep attack rate +5%. Increases M.Atk by 4% and Casting Spd. by 4%. Resistance to Earth attacks by 10%. When equipped with two identical rings, only one effect is applied.

Earth Wyrm Trasken can be found deep inside Mithril Mines. To avoid having to go there on foot, you can use the services of a gatekeeper.

After the teleport you will find yourself in front of the entrance to the passage that leads to the Trasken.

Go down deep until you see a spacious cave with high ceilings. This is where the combat zone begins. Also, you can’t stay in relogin for a long time here, otherwise you will be teleported to town.

At the end of this cave you will see Trasken's tail sticking out of the ceiling.

Some time after you start attacking the tail, Trasken will get angry and stick his head out to kill the enemies.
From this moment the real battle will begin. Good luck!
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