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Clan solution - recruitment


Jan 26, 2015

We moved here to join some side with our CP but atm we decided to form a clan and get some CPs to cooperate with us.

1st time we formed Solution was on Celes x7.

The project started with 9 ppl (our main CP members) but after some days many old friends and some new ppl joined us and we were able to be a "side" on celes.

Most ppl in our clan know l2 from c3-c4.

I will type some servers and clans that we were playing:

-Celes -SWARM than Solution

-Roxy - AnimalCruelty

-Reloaded - AnimalCruelty

-RPG - LayLow and AFL / Tempest but im not sure what server :)

- last year lots of midrates

We have around 20 ppl online mostly at 16:00 gmt+1 - 00:00 gmt+1.

99% of us are the same nationality (Poland) but it will be no problem to switch to english language at events.

We use TS3 (priv server/no slots limit) and its a must to join TS3 even if u dont want to speak or dont have a micro.

What kind of ppl do we need?

1. We are looking for full CPs but its not a must so even if u are a solo player u can pm us in game :)

2. You need to know how l2 works - we dont want newbies because its not the time to learn basics.

3. You need to know how pvp works - listen main orders, kite, using your terrain advantage etc.

4. If those 3 pts. above this one are "easy" for u so pm us in game with some info about you.

NICKS TO PM in game - MAIN PERSON TO PM IS SMALEC666 than Kamyl (CL), Tyrande, Syjon, Dil, Euri

And here are some of ours pvp movies:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwHyvOO4hG8 Celes pvp

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZaMDzvp0Og Kastien pvp

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oe-VhnGtz3w Some midrates pvp
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