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BandApart is recruiting! If you feel lonely and you are tired of playing solo, please take a look at our clan thread (L2 classic recruitment section) and feel free to join us! I'd be truly pleased by your appearance!
Hello Kazma.
I need ur help couse i cant log in in game... I tryed everything and still if i will connedt it says that the username and password dont match. PLZ contact me qouse i rly want to play in your server. THX

if i am in l2dex updater and click start then this appear if this helps u...

Version: EP30_Global,NLS,V2110409,64
BuildDate: Fri Dec 09 08:18:59 2016

Time: 2018.5.20 12:12:16 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1]
Add l2 folder to exclusion of you antivirus. Then delete system folder and run updater again.
You can write me on skype - kazamadex.
Or in discord
Will be faster
Hello man! I heard u played a lot o l2 classic club and now u play here. Would u mind telling me why u changed? I mean, do u think starting here on Dex worth more than club? ppl say dex has lots of bugs but club is p2w with china bots. Others say club has much more ppl and is more stable but its too hard to catch up with the top players, and Dex is easier to catch up

Anyway, what u think about this? Thx man!
But I believe people should give a try on DEX, club has/had many custom things on the gameplay. Dex is much closer to official style with more exp/drop rates.
Nice to read that! I've been collecting testimonials and yours is the decisive one. Now im gonna advertise it to ppl to come as well.
Thanks so much =D
That's great news man, see you in game :) :)
Добрый день. Заходит к окну входа, ввожу данные пишет Имя пользователя и пароль не совпадают. При этом АКК зарегистрирован. Помогите и заранее Спасибо
Hi, u can fix problem with run game?
Is it allowed to pay for the class changer after it was done?
example: Spellhowler for Phantom Summoner ? ?
Opa, mano pode e ajudar com o problema que postei
Salut , Cataline

Imi poti spune si mie unde as putea sa incep sa joc si eu ? As vrea sa nu fie fun game sau ceva
Bun......daca donez 2 euro am spoil 30 % permanent ?
Nu stiu
sound doesnt work, zero sound in game (windows xp). On interlude works perfect
have a lighted day and a game full of joy
Siema.Gracie na tym serwie wkoncu?nie znalazlem takiego klanu jak renegaci . Mozliwe ze wyslalem juz do ciebie wiadomosc na tym forum.Prosze o odpowiedz
Hi i am Glorienn
Opa, ainda precisa de mage na sua CP? eu jogava de sorc no skelth, se houver vagas me avise
salut..ce clasa joci si ce lvl ai?
salut. Tyrant joc, si am prophet in dual. momentan sunt lvl 29 pe amandoi
what what ?
wirzzz noob
pode ajudar mano? estou tendo problemas pra iniciar o classic 1.5
salut, dex a avut alt server wrath in afara de primu ?
In 2006
daca nu ai cu cine sa joci, poti juca cu noi :)