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Game errors and how to fix them

Game errors and how to fix them

Most of errors are solved by installing a clean client and a new patch from our site/forum
If you play on Classic 1.5 - you need Client Classic 1.5 and Patch Classic 1.5, not 2.0!!! This is important!

1. Lauch error, please, clsoe all games! 3

  • Reboot router and PC
  • Delete system folder
  • Add lineage2 folder in the antivirus exception
  • Dowload last patch and unpack in l2 folder

2. Error when starting the game!1

  • In the properties of L2.exe, uncheck "Compatibility with XP"

3. Can't update: error when downloading file! 3

  • Turn off antivirus
  • Run l2.exe again

4. Error happened: Game client corruption detected
  • Reboot PC
    Delete system folder
  • Dowload last patch and unpack in l2 folder

If this dont help you or you have another error. Contact with me on skype - kazamadex. Or pm in our Discord chanel.



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