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  • Unable to start game, antivirus found troyan virus - wacatac.d'6 ml in L2updater exe. Please explain.
    Hy Kazama

    Last night I tested the server especially Raid Bosses.

    So I killed one and it gave me 650k exp and 1 ring.

    Also I killed a mob next to it and it gave me 170k exp and 20k gold adena + resurses.

    Ideea is that I think the RB are not properly set can you please check on that.

    I want to mention the RB level was 23 tough I still think its low exp and drops
    Hello Kazma.
    I need ur help couse i cant log in in game... I tryed everything and still if i will connedt it says that the username and password dont match. PLZ contact me qouse i rly want to play in your server. THX

    if i am in l2dex updater and click start then this appear if this helps u...

    Version: EP30_Global,NLS,V2110409,64
    BuildDate: Fri Dec 09 08:18:59 2016

    Time: 2018.5.20 12:12:16 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1]
    Add l2 folder to exclusion of you antivirus. Then delete system folder and run updater again.
    You can write me on skype - kazamadex.
    Or in discord
    Will be faster
    Добрый день. Заходит к окну входа, ввожу данные пишет Имя пользователя и пароль не совпадают. При этом АКК зарегистрирован. Помогите и заранее Спасибо
    I'm DEX player ... I need to talk to you in private .... please when you can speak in private say ... thank you
    Contact with me on skype kazamadex. And we can speak
    Know somthing about move wrath server on nexus if moves with epics or not? rly whant to know beacuse i know on srv is some epics on nexus
    Hello I just noticed now that you advertised that there is a reward for sieges, particulary for giran siege it was supposed to be 40 dollars... but when we won it last week we never recieved anything
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