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  • good day man i got a question there are any way to evolve the wolf a alwas make a wolf for lveling my tanks ? but the option is misssing :(
    доброго утра. можно получить информацию по поводу полного прохождения квеста на 3ю профессию? работает ли он?
    My antivirus found win32 generic virus in L2updater. I can't install the game.
    Please repair it.
    Unable to start game, antivirus found troyan virus - wacatac.d'6 ml in L2updater exe. Please explain.
    Hy Kazama

    Last night I tested the server especially Raid Bosses.

    So I killed one and it gave me 650k exp and 1 ring.

    Also I killed a mob next to it and it gave me 170k exp and 20k gold adena + resurses.

    Ideea is that I think the RB are not properly set can you please check on that.

    I want to mention the RB level was 23 tough I still think its low exp and drops
    Hello Kazma.
    I need ur help couse i cant log in in game... I tryed everything and still if i will connedt it says that the username and password dont match. PLZ contact me qouse i rly want to play in your server. THX

    if i am in l2dex updater and click start then this appear if this helps u...

    Version: EP30_Global,NLS,V2110409,64
    BuildDate: Fri Dec 09 08:18:59 2016

    Time: 2018.5.20 12:12:16 [GTick=1,LGTicks=1]
    Add l2 folder to exclusion of you antivirus. Then delete system folder and run updater again.
    You can write me on skype - kazamadex.
    Or in discord
    Will be faster
    Добрый день. Заходит к окну входа, ввожу данные пишет Имя пользователя и пароль не совпадают. При этом АКК зарегистрирован. Помогите и заранее Спасибо
    I'm DEX player ... I need to talk to you in private .... please when you can speak in private say ... thank you
    Contact with me on skype kazamadex. And we can speak
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