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newbie start

  1. Moonari

    (rus/eng) LF smb to gimme notes how to play (CAUTION!!!Noob)

    Hey, have a good day. Im kinda newbie to L2 (yes, in 2021 lmao, so what). I've played HF x3 before with 5 windows, but dk about interlude x50, any advices, guys? Which classes do u recommend? Should i create buffers to farm alone etc? Ty in advance, looking forward for any sort of help >< Так...
  2. S

    Classic 1.5 Newbie start

    Cześć, opłaca sie jeszcze zaczynać na serwerze? Jaki jest online i jak jest ze znajdywaniem int/pl clan czy tam Cp ? ii czy coś wiadomo na temat update do 2.0? :O



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