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Clan Clan: Knights of Dol Amroth

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Jul 14, 2017


About the Knights of Dol Amroth.

Without Tolkien, we wouldn't have the epic fantasy that had lead to many things including games like L2. The name comes from the book The Return of the King. Unfortunately, they were not present in the movies.

Dol Amroth was a hill and a city along the coast of Gondor (map on the link), on a peninsula on the Bay of Belfalas; and also the city that grew up there, mainly in the Third Age as the seat of the principality of the same name.
In The Return of the King, Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, played a major part in the defense of Minas Tirith and became the effective lord of Gondor during the incapacity of the stewards Denethor and Faramir.
The swan-knights of Dol Amroth whom Imrahil led to Minas Tirith formed the largest contingent coming from the hinterland to the defense of the city. They marched under a banner "silver upon blue", bearing "a white ship like a swan upon blue water".
Prince Imrahil led the sortie that rode to the aid of Faramir and the rear-guard who were retreating from Osgiliath when the forces of Sauron overran the Pelennor Fields on March 13. Notable actions of the Knights during this battle included rescuing Faramir from the Southrons, and riding to the aid of the Rohirrim, fighting long and hard until the arrival of Aragorn.


This clan is for epic fantasy lovers. It aims to be a calm and friendly community that will prosper and have fun in the world of L2.

If you think you can fit and contribute to such a community, you can apply.

We might not be able to win against the guys that play this game as a job, but we will be competitive by being time efficient and by implementing some of this stuff:
1. Clan management with roles, ranks, and tasks.
2. Clan commonwealth (buffers, dwarfs and treasury.) Some players will contribute more than others.
3. A medieval style clan council.
4. Choosing playing schedule with other members.
5. As well as finding a driver when you need to take a break.


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Or contact: Eximus/Daniel#1778
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Jan 8, 2014
Anyone not looking for a cp, but want a clan that plays as a group contact me here or on Discord : Eximus/Daniel#1778
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