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Event Friday's School Event (Quiz)


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Nov 14, 2016

Friday's School Event (Quiz)

This is a simple event, the GM will ask some questions about movies, music, sports, nature, comics, TV shows, ofc Lineage 2 and any general topics...
The player should answer the question on !shout . The first who gives the correct answer is the winner.

The reward will be based on the difficulty type of the questions:

  • Very Easy (e): Hat (at your choice)
  • Normal (d): Vitality Potion 25%
  • Hard (c): Vitality Potion 100%
  • Very Hard (b): Rune of XP/SP (1h)
  • Impossible (a): Rune of XP/SP (3h)
This event will be held every Friday at the evening hours [GMT +1].
Every event-day we will ask you 10 questions.
At the end of every month, the player who collects the largest number of good answers will receive a special reward.

I hope everyone will enjoy this little event with such a great prizes!



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